Competition Rules: FIPS-MOUCHE rules apply.
The province's "single fly only" angling regulation applies to all 5 Competition Venues, as well as all public and privately owned waters
Eligible species: Rainbow Trout.
Minimum length: 25cm <<<<< NEW FOR 2019 ! ! ! !
Maximum Number of Participants: 70 competitors (14 five-man teams - with 7 spots reserved for international teams).
No fishing policy: There will be a no-fishing policy in effect for all competition venues, which comes into effect at 6:00am on September 9, 2019. All competitors and their agents and associates are not allowed to fish the competition venues during this period of time.

Official Amendments to the Rules:
The province's "single fly only" angling regulation applies to all 5 Competition Venues, as well as all privately owned waters
18 centimeters has been set as the minimum length for the scoring of points
For measuring purposes; the length will be from the tip of the nose to the tip in the tail (no squeezing of tails)
Each competition session comprises of three (3) hours of fishing
Fishing will be performed from freely drifting boats (loch-style) with anchoring, trailing and trolling of the flies being prohibited.
The competition boats will not be equal in size, design, structure and power (speed limitations will be discussed during the Captains' Meeting).
After a coin-toss, each competitor has the right to be in command of the boat for an equal amount of time during each session (90 minutes each).
The competitor in command of the boat will determine whether the drogue is to be used at that moment in time.
When in use, the drogue must be attached to the starboard (right) side of the boat.
Competitors are not allowed to cast nor have their flies in the water while the drogue is being deployed or removed from the water. Fish caught during either the deployment or removal of the drogue are not eligible for scoring.
Competitors are required to fish on the port (left) side of the boat, and within their respective quadrants.
Both competitors are permitted to man the oars, drogue and motor, but cannot have their flies in the water while the boat is under the power of the oars or motor.
It is the responsibility of each competitor to provide and wear their own eye protection and personal flotation device (life jacket)
Each participant is responsible for their own travel to and from all official events and during the practice and competition sessions.
The competitor may remove the hook, and must revive the fish and release it, taking care not to damage the fish, as a dead fish is ineligible for scoring of points.
Boats may be launched 15 minutes prior to the start of each session, to compensate for irregular boat and motor sizes and designs.
Boats may not approach within 50 feet of other boats from which competitors are fishing - except for reasons of safety or necessity (common sense and courtesy should prevail).
Competitors are responsible for renting or supplying their own boats for unofficial and official practice sessions.
Boats can be rented from Tunkwa Lake Resort:
Boats can be rented from Corbett Lake Resort:
Boats can be rented from 7 Half Diamond (Batstone Lake):

Boast can be rented from Roche Lake Resort:

Special restrictions for the Tunkwa Lake East and Roche Lake venues:
No fishing permitted in Tunkwa Lake's Resort and Provincial Campground's "Boat Channels" during the competition sessions (see map).
No fishing permitted in the channel behind "No Motor Island" at Roche Lake during the competition sessions (see map).

List of Frequently asked Questions:
Drogues will be supplied for the official practice and competition sessions.
All flies must be dressed on hooks that are either barbless, de-barbed, or have the barb squeezed down flat.
A single visible bead may be used on each fly, but may not more than 4 mm in its maximum dimension.
All flies must be attached to the leader in such a way that they do not move or slide (loop knots are not permitted and are considered to be illegal).
Neither sinking nor floating devices may be added to fly lines (bobbers, barrel-swivels, split-shot or other weights are not permitted).

Leaders may be knotted or knotless, and tapered or level, and must be continuous for its entire length (tying leader to the bend of the hook is not permitted).
Competitors may have spare fly rods with them, but they must not be assembled nor have the reel attached.
48" is the maximum length for all competition nets.
Netting of fish must be performed solely by the competitor who caught and wishes to score the fish.
A competitor may stand only while netting a fish, and not while playing it.
While fishing, competitors must remain seated on the thwart boards, but may use a seat or cushion with a maximum thickness of 10 centimeters above the top surface of the thwart board (back rests are not permitted).
The use of hand-signals, written and verbal communication or radios, phones, and other electronic communication devices are not permitted during competition sessions.
Only fish hooked in the mouth area or in front of the rear edge of the gill cover, will be eligible for the scoring of points.
Competitors are awarded one hundred (100) points for an eligible fish (25cm minimum size) and will also receive twenty (20) points per centimeter of length of each eligible fish.
The measurement for fish must be recorded to the exact decimal point, as they are automatically be rounded up to the next complete centimeter by the scoring program - i.e.: a 28.1cm fish will score as 29cm (fish under 25.0cm are ineligible for scoring and rounding up).
If a fellow competitor or competition official determines that a competitor has negligently injured a fish, that fish will not be scored, and the competitor will be penalized the number of points attributable to a fish of minimum valid length (a -600 point penalty).
Fish hooked during a competition session is eligible if it is landed not more than 5 minutes after the session ends
At the conclusion of each session, any fish that are hooked while the flies are in the water or as they're being retrieved back to the boat after the session ends, are NOT eligible for scoring points.
Each participant is responsible for checking the accuracy of their scorecard, ensuring that their fellow competitor has crossed out the unused part of the scorecard and confirming this by signing it at the end of each period.

Special note regarding the handling of scorecards:
All scorecards must be handed by both competitors to the Sector Judge(s) immediately upon their arrival to the shore or dock.
Competitors are prohibited from leaving the shore or dock until they've handed their scorecards to the Sector Judge(s).
Scorecards that are missing or handed in late will be disqualified !!!
Competitors must record the time that each of their fish are caught!
Competitors are required to print neat and clearly, and keep their scorecards dry and readable for scorekeeping purposes.
Unreadable fish length numbers will be scored as the minimum size (25cm).

Code of Conduct:
  Participation in the North American Loch-Style Fly Fishing Championships is a privilege - not a right. All competitors, team managers, coaches, and captains must agree to conduct themselves according to the core values of Fairness, Respect, Integrity, and Accountability and abide by the spirit and dictates of this Code of Conduct.

  All participants must agree to comport themselves in a sportsmanlike manner and are responsible for their actions while making preparations and participating at this event. Sportsmanlike conduct is defined as, but not limited to: respect for competition officials, organizers, volunteers, fellow competitors, facilities, venues, the use of courtesy and good manners, acting responsibly and maturely, refraining from the use of profane or abusive language and behavior.

  While participating in the North American Loch-Style Fly Fishing Championships:

Failure to comply with any of the above provisions may lead to disciplinary action by FFC and/or the organizing committee of the North American Loch-Style Fly Fishing Championships, including suspension from a team, and/or outright banning from participation at the current and/or future North American Loch-Style Fly Fishing Championships.


Under absolutely no circumstances will refunds of registration fees be issued 60 days prior to or during this event.

Todd Oishi
Head Organizer,
North American Loch-Style Fly Fishing Championships
Contact Todd Oishi for more information:
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