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Crap, I missed this... put team Trout Bums on the waiting list I guess. Sorry guys.

Hello! Email sent, please add the Trout Bums to the list of competitors. We look forward to another excellent tournament!

Peter Morrison, David Heine, Mark Feldberg, Colette Stroud and I are really looking forward to another amazing tourney!

Congrats to the medalists, special mention to Ricky Ozmar who had never fished that tivet and finished in second place! Whoohoo!

Hello, trout the trout bums now have a full team. See all of you soon!

Fly Fishing Canada News / Re: 2016 Fly Fishing Canada AGM Cancellation
« on: September 23, 2016, 04:04:16 PM »
More time for drinking Scotch. The might just not reach as high a level is all.

Looks like we'll have a great time! these are awesome venues!

Where is the banquet and closing ceremonies being held?

Haha, that was awesome Johnnydumbfounded! I was having a good chuckle watching you look over your shoulder wondering who was beaking you...

And a bunch of trout bums will take the trophy! :)

Is Eastern Canada considered International! 😜

Wow! That filled up quick! I guess I was not the only one with the thumb over the send button...  :)

Trout Bums are in and are looking forward to fishing with such a good bunch!


Undortunately, Peter Morrison had to withdraw due to unforeseen circumstances.

Team Trout Bums is therefore looking for a member, let anyone interested know.

We will conduct auditions... Not! :)

Fly Fishing Competitions and Events / Re: Quebec Provincials 2016
« on: May 29, 2016, 04:50:01 PM »
Sounds like fun. Too bad it is scheduled on the same weeknd as the BC Lch Style championship, it was always nice to see some Eastern faces at Tunkwa lake!

Geez. Larkin keeps switching teams like a crack hoe... 😁

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