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Looks like I'm free that weekend!
Count me in.

This will be my first competition.
I thought the Similkameen was going to be but I'm very excited for this one.

Two weeks ago I went up to the Squamish river with a friend to target Bull trout for my first time.
This here is my first Bull trout ever! I was so happy to land this beautiful fish.
The rest of the day I was battling many more but was unable to land anything else.

So I went back up this past weekend to give it another go but this time with a bit more variety in my presentation.
I came prepared with lots of streamers and some trout bead setups.

With the extra variety, I was able to hook into so many more fish and there was some true monsters that day. Unfortunately I was not able to get a picture with the bulls I landed, both slipped away out of my hands before we could snap a picture.

Winter fishing is cold, tiring and amazing all at once! haha

Can't wait to get out again!

Definitely interested in this.
I don't have anyone to team up with so if I do sign up, it will be solo.

I've never fished the Similkameen river before. So I don't know what style fishing is best here but I can learn!

I have been practicing nymphing style indicator fishing and probably my favourite is streamers in the river,

PM me if you're looking for a team member or if you have some information on the river.


I hope to make a future tying night again!
How was this past event?

Any photos of the flies tied?

It was great meeting you guys!
Looking forward to the next one.

Introductions and Greetings / New to fly fishing and the forum
« on: July 24, 2017, 01:54:03 PM »

My name is Anthony Amenta and I'm from Vancouver, British Columbia.
I decided to get into fly fishing at the start of the year so I took the Introduction to Fly Fishing course and a Casting class at Pacific Angler in Vancouver back in April. Since then I don't think I've missed a week where I have not been out with my fly rod. Lakes have been my primary focus so far but now that I am very comfortable with my gear, I have been adventuring out into the rivers with the start of the Salmon runs.

This past weekend I decided to get out for the start of the Pink run and I was able to land my first two salmon ever! I was using a 5wt fly rod so the fight was amazing!!!

I hope to get more involved with the fly fishing communities here in British Columbia and one day, hopefully soon, enter my first competition.

Looking forward to getting to know some of you,


Hey Todd,

I'll be there.

I have a question, this will be my first time at one of your events. What do I need to bring with me?



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