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Thanks to all of competitors that came out for today's competition! Thanks to Chris Puchniak and John Wilkinson for selecting the beats and creating the maps, and a great big thank-you to John and Tina Wilkinson for taking the time to walk and mark the beats for this event, and congratulations to the 4 medalists!!

Here are the Official Results after 2 sessions with 12 competitors:
Place  Name              Placing Pts.    No. of Fish
1.  Mike Learmonth          2                   9        - Individual Gold Medalist  (Tie)
1.  Evan Paterson            2                   9        - Individual Gold Medalist  (Tie)
2.  Todd Oishi                  4                   6        - Individual Silver Medalist
3.  Brian Danilkiewicz       5                   5        - Individual Bronze Medalist
4.  Kay Feihn                   6                   4
5.  Gerald Wolfe               7                   5
6.  John Wilkinson            7                   4
7.  Istvan Kereszturi         8                   3
8.  Jason Ellingsen            9                   3
9.  Stanton Jack              10                   2
10. Martin Payne             12                   0
10.  Jayson Giasson         12                   0

Here are the session results...


Group A/B:
1. Todd Oishi - 4 fish
1. Evan Paterson - 4 fish
3. Istvan Kereszturi - 2 fish
3. Kay Feihn - 2 fish
5. Stanton Jack - 1 fish
5. John Wilkinson - 1 fish

Group C/D:
1. Mike Learmonth- 4 fish
2. Brian Danilkiewicz  - 2 fish
6. Gerald Wolfe - 0 fish
6. Martin Payne - 0 fish
6. Jason Ellingsen - 0 fish
6. Jayson Giasson - 0 fish


Group A/B:
1. Evan Paterson - 5 fish
2. John Wilkinson - 3 fish
3. Todd Oishi - 2 fish
3. Kay Feihn - 2 fish
5. Istvan Kereszturi - 1 fish
5. Stanton Jack - 1 fish

Group C/D:
1. Mike Learmonth- 5 fish
1. Gerald Wolfe - 5 fish
3. Brian Danilkiewicz  - 3 fish
3. Jason Ellingsen - 3 fish
6. Jayson Giasson - 0 fish
6. Martin Payne - 0 fish

1. Group A: John Wilkinson, Evan Paterson, and Kay Fiehn = 15 plc pts. 17 fish
2. Group D: Mike Learmonth, Gerald Wolfe, Jason Ellingsen = 18 plc pts. 17 fish
3. Group B: Todd Oishi, Stanton Jack, and Istvan Kereszturi = 22 plc pts. 11 fish
4. Group C: Brian Danilkiewicz, Martin Payne, and Jayson Giasson = 29 plc pts. 5 fish

Whitefish: 42
Trout:        8
Total fish: 50

The 12 competitor has been found! Thanks to Stanton for locating him!

Greetings fellow anglers! Packages re sent out a few minutes ago, so please send a response back in response to my email just to let us know you received the package...

Please note that we are short 1 competitor, so please ask a friend and let me know A.S.A.P. if you can help me to fill the vacant spot!!! I really need your help filling this spot!!!

The weather and water conditions are absolutely ideal, so this Sunday’s competition should prove to be a very productive and an enjoyable day on the water!

Rumour has it that a group of competitors from Georgia are forming a team for this event. Would be nice to see a 5th American team participating at this year's NALS...


Innovative Fly Fisher Forum's Fly Tying Night will be held in the private dining room at the Home Restaurant in Maple Ridge from 6:00pm - 9:00pm on Tuesday, May 1, 2018. Everyone is welcome to attend our open fly tying nights and join in on a fun and informative night out on the town!

The theme for May's Fly Tying Night will be "Ice-off Fly Patterns for Interior Lakes"... Fly tyers are free to tie whatever they'd like to tie. I'll leave the floor open to others that are willing to share a few of their favorite pattern(s).

This is a great chance for you to refill the vacant slots in some of your fly boxes, and prepare for next season's recreational angling trips and competitions. It's also a great way to learn a few new tips and meet some other fly tyers in your region, and join in on the conversations/fishing stories from this past season and plans for this season...

The Home Restaurant is a family-oriented restaurant, so youths are welcome. They aren't charging us for the use of their private banquet room for our tying nights, but the deal is that you'll have to order either a meal or appetizer, or a pie and coffee, tea, or pop in order to fill a spot at the table - I can personally testify that they make the best coffee and pies in town!!!

This is truly a fun time with a great group of people/fly tyers. It's also a great way to hone your fly tying skills and learn some new patterns, so please consider coming out to join in on the fun and share a few laughs! Newcomers to the forum and non-members are most welcome at this and all of our events!! :)

Please email Todd Oishi at: or post on this thread if you plan to attend, so I can get an accurate headcount for the seating.

List of attendees:
1. Todd Oishi
2. John Wilkinson
3. Gerald Wolfe
4. Brian Danilkiewicz
5. Greg Buerk


Here's the address for the Home Restaurant:
21667 Lougheed Hwy
Maple Ridge, BC
V2X 2S2
Phone: 604-476-1600

Registration for this event is now closed, as we have 12 competitors and would require 4 more in order to balance the group's, which doesn't seem to be possible at this point in time.

Emails will be sent out on Friday morning with all of the details and information about this competition.

Thanks, Jason!

There is still room for a few more participants, so please don't delay and sign-up today!

The fishing should be superb for this event!


River Patterns / Re: Wood Beetle
« on: April 15, 2018, 07:19:20 AM »
Very nice!!

Entomology and Fish Food Items / Re: Little Black Stone Flies
« on: April 15, 2018, 07:18:41 AM »
Would be great to see some photos! :)

This competition will be reschuled for Sunday, April 22, 2018 (weather and conditions permitting).

Please repost if you wish to register for this event.


Thanks for the advanced notice. We will miss you at this one, Marty!

No probs;) i could use a bit of a work out anyways.
Or I'll take a tiny fan with me and do it Ace Ventura style.:)

Yep.. They call him Istavarna back home. Good ol' fashion Hungarian horsepower! :)

 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Bumped, for a reminder for tonight's fly tying night!

I hope to see a few new faces at this event!


Well, after voting has been open for a little over 3 months... it appears as if Whonnock Lake is the clear winner as the "people's choice" as the venue for this competition! Thanks to everyone that took the time to vote! :)

As Istvan pointed out... registration is open for this competition. Please consider registering for this competition (if you haven't yet), as it's a fun venue, has easy access, and has some scrappy wild and hatchery trout.


Notice to potential applicants for the 2019 Australia World Championships
The 39th FIPS-Mouche World Fly Fishing Championships and Conservation Symposium will be held in Tasmania, Australia, from 30th November to 8th December, 2019. Tasmania has some of the best fishing in Australia and the lakes are known all over the world for the quality of the fishing.
Fly Fishing Canada will select the team to represent Canada in November, 2018. Potential applicants should expect the “call-to arms” by the beginning of November and Fly Fishing Canada will announce the team on Saturday 1st December, 2018.
To be eligible to apply for these teams you must be a member in good standing of Fly Fishing Canada. Details of how to become a member will be announced shortly. Team selection will be made by a committee made up of members of your Board of Directors plus at least two past captains of international competitions, that are not members of the Board. The selection committee will vote to select five competitors per team plus an optional reserve (who’s role will be made clear at the time of their acceptance of that position on the team). The captain and manager will be appointed by FFC once the team has been confirmed.
The process of selecting the teams will be based mainly on three years of NRP rankings starting with 2018 and working back. If you are thinking of applying you need to remember that the NRP system was modified substantially for 2018 and to maximize your points you should enter river, lake and mixed river/lake competitions. The best way to get on the team is to show you have excellent skills in both lake and river fishing and can apply them in tough competition. For this selection process, the cut-off date for accumulating NRP’s will be 30th October, 2018.
Other deciding factors in the team selections will include;
- a "team first" mentality
- a specific skill set suited to certain venues
- a great ambassador for Canada and FFC at international events.

Donald Thom
Chair of FFC National Teams
P.S. Each year FFC pays thousands of dollars to various organizations for the right to enter teams in championships like the Worlds and Commonwealth. This year the fees have jumped substantially and the board is looking at ways to recover theses costs in a way that is fair to all members and allows us to continue competing in International championships.
Avis aux candidats potentiels pour les Championnats du monde d'Australie de 2019


Le 39ème Championnat du monde de pêche à la mouche FIPS-Mouche et le Symposium sur la conservation se tiendront en Tasmanie, Australie, du 30 novembre au 8 décembre 2019. La Tasmanie compte parmi les meilleures pêcheries d'Australie et les lacs sont connus dans le monde entier de la pêche.

Pêche a la Mouche sélectionnera l'équipe qui représentera le Canada en novembre 2018. Les candidats potentiels devraient s'attendre à recevoir l'appel aux armes d'ici le début de novembre et Pêche a la Mouche Canada annoncera l'équipe le samedi 1er décembre 2018.

Pour être admissible à présenter une demande pour ces équipes, vous devez être membre en règle de Pêche a la Mouche. Les détails sur la façon de devenir membre seront annoncés sous peu. La sélection de l'équipe sera faite par un comité composé de membres de votre conseil d'administration et d'au moins deux capitaines de compétitions internationales, qui ne sont pas membres du conseil d'administration. Le comité de sélection votera pour sélectionner cinq concurrents par équipe plus une réserve optionnelle (dont le rôle sera précisé au moment de l'acceptation de ce poste par l'équipe). Le capitaine et le gérant seront nommés par FFC une fois l'équipe confirmée.
Le processus de sélection des équipes se fondera principalement sur trois années de classement du PNR à partir de 2018 et sur le retour en arrière. Si vous envisagez de postuler, vous devez vous rappeler que le système NRP a été modifié de façon substantielle pour 2018 et pour maximiser vos points, vous devez participer à des compétitions fluviales, lacustres et mixtes rivière / lac. La meilleure façon de faire partie de l'équipe est de montrer que vous avez d'excellentes aptitudes à la pêche dans les lacs et les rivières et que vous pouvez les appliquer dans une compétition difficile. Pour ce processus de sélection, la date butoir pour l'accumulation des PNR sera le 30 octobre 2018.
D'autres facteurs décisifs dans les choix d'équipe incluront:
- Une mentalité de "l'équipe d'abord"
- Un ensemble de compétences spécifiques adapté à certains lieux
- Un grand ambassadeur pour le Canada et FFC lors d'événements internationaux.

Donald Thom

Président des équipes nationales de FFC

P.S. Chaque année, FFC verse des milliers de dollars à diverses organisations pour avoir le droit de participer à des championnats comme les Mondiaux et le Commonwealth. Cette année, les frais ont considérablement augmenté et le conseil d'administration cherche des moyens de recouvrer ces coûts d'une manière équitable pour tous les membres et nous permet de continuer à participer aux championnats internationaux.

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