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Fly Fishing Product Reviews / Re: Arcay nymphing line
« on: November 28, 2018, 06:41:23 AM »
I am also using the Hanak Bicolor sighter line for my main leader line too Ivo.


Sorry I will be on a beach in Costa Rica. But I will think of you guyz!  8) 8)


Stillwater Fly Fishing / Re: Loch style rods
« on: November 22, 2018, 07:04:10 AM »
I also use a Sage Z-axis 10' 6wt for bigger fish and multiple flies. Meets all the things you want in a rod. But they are getting hard to find and very expensive. Last year I acquired an Echo 3 10' 5wt rod and decided to put it through the paces this spring and summer with all the different lines and size of fish. I was pleasantly surprised how well this rod performed in all phases! Casted all lines, even a 7 wt type 7 full sink with ease. Small fish stayed on and larger fish were played in quickly. I also like how the rod bends to soften the stretch and not straighten out weaker or smaller hooks. When it came to the NALS year I had to make a decision on what rod to use and I took a chance and used the Echo 3. I think my results show how this rod can perform.  ;)

I would love to try the 6wt version of this rod with multiple flies for sure. Maybe next year

p.s. this rod retails for $499


Tina and I will be there.

Always a good time with a great group of anglers.
Thanks for including me once again everyone.

Who invited this Turkey anyways?? Comes out once a year and cleans house  ;D


Once upon a time, on a Sunday in the fall, a team of Castawayz with their Fly's down and Bent rodz out, drove their GREEN MACHINE to Mill lake to find the almost extinct Cormfisher. They asked the local Trout ticklers if it would be Beginners luck to see these doh-doh birds eating Woolley buggers. The only reply they got was "Around here... all you will find is a bunch of Rasta dudes chasing Fluffy unicorns!!"   ;D ;D


Nice! Now I can maybe catch 2 fish on Sunday ;D


So true Chris!

The lake sucked for me on Saturday! But I heard things were better on Sunday. So even though they are stockies they are still very sensitive to an incoming low pressure system.

That or I just suck! :-\

Johnnyonefishoutofathousand :-[

Matt and I are the Killer Rabbits.  I think he disapproved of the Fluffy Unicorns.

Well, I think he disapproved of every name, but what the heck... it's my boat.

Alrighty then... Team Fluffy Unicorns, it is!!!!  ;D ;D ;D

Yep, works for me.  Nothing is better at catching fish than a fluffy unicorn.

So who is the Fluffer and who is the Unicorn??  ;D ;D


Team Fly's Down is our name Todd ;D

Johnnywhatchalookinat ???

Well I have to say I have a new fave line for the shallows. The line performed very well. Casts nice, no coils(below freezing) and with the no stretch technology I could detect every touch of a weed and those ever so light takes.


Nice! Great to hear Todd!   The Bobby's will like that for sure 8)


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