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Congrats to everyone that completed this marathon. Big water, big boulders & big beats make today a sore day for most. But man was it a nice day(the two old people can attest for that ;D)! There was a smorgasbord of food for the fish as caddis, mays, stoneflies, midges and fry were all out there. Still kinda baffled though as the #'s of fish especially rainbows are down, considering how perfect the water conditions were yesterday ???

Good people, good laughs and good times! ;)


The river is on the drop and heard it has almost 3' of visibility. There are some showers for Friday night and Saturday morning but the temps are cooler which means snow at higher elevation unlike last time. I will report river conditions again on Saturday afternoon.

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A WHISTLE!!! Is that loud enough for you?

There are white water sections on that river that you simply cannot hear a human voice so make it easy for yourself and have a whistle.


I'm getting worried for ice off on this one!  ???



This forum has helped me become a better fisherman but most importantly I have met so many new friends from here. The old saying is the man with the most toys wins but I say the man with the most friends wins every time!

Thanks to all on this forum... look forward to many more years of fishing and yacking.


OMG I am runt standing next to those two ;D


What a beautiful day for fishing! Congrats to the top 3 finishers and kudos to everyone that came out for again another hard day's fishing. Never have seen the river that low and definitely moved the fish into some new areas. Well... the anticipated fry hatch was non-existent as the cutties and the bigger whitefish have vacated the river in search of food it seems.




I actually hope for crappier weather as it does keep the rods off the water. There will be other guys for sure, could make it tough to fish certain beats. If you ask nicely most are good to let you in for a few casts. River etiquette is start from the top and move your way down. If a guy is sitting on a rock and you make your way down to him nicely let him know you are going below him if he wants to stay where he is.


This is two years in a row I am going to miss the Nationals :'(. My daughter's grad last year and now my 25th anniversary this year. I would have loved to attend this one, see some new sites and just maybe land a fish or two. Best of luck to everyone competing and remember to laugh lots and enjoy the time there cause there are worse things you could be doing ;)


Todd spared us and gave us an extra 30 mins for grub  ;) :)

Lots of funny faces and wow this ain't easy looks too


Unless the water warms up the "east" will be the "beast"!!

That was some nasty wind winds for sure. I have been colder there in other comps(cold rainy) but easier to fish with less wind. I was fortunate that my game plan worked out and had a good morning. I knew the East side was going to be slow(but not THAT slow) and a few fish might be caught. Congrats to Clint to find the few there and anyone else that even had a hit over there. What boggles me was how the afternoon shutoff on the westside. So many good rods had a tough go but when the fish aren't aggressive and that wind is pounding hard it just makes things really tough.
Just think how many hits we all had and didn't even know?

Thank you Todd (good to see you are human ;D) Brian, Marty and Bobby for setting everything up and thanks to Paul & Cindy for a tasty lunch! ;)

And congrats to all.... to come out and brave the elements have some laughs and joking around even though the fishing was less than stellar. That is what these get together' s  are all about :)


Im in!

No fishing date should be Feb 28th ;)


Sorry about that it does sound wrong as we were just joking around. And NO you cannot fish the spawning channel on the East side below the dam. There are no fishing boundaries on that channel.


Can I use bait?

Anything you want!  ;D

See you on Sunday ;)


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