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Hey guys , just wanted to share my experience this weekend : yesterday I went to a spot Iíve been going to for more than 40 years to get my fill of Brookies . Although the action wasnít tremendous as in years past , not too bad , ended up netting 14 ( and 12 chubs lol). The Lost effective setup seemed to be an attractor dry either white wulff or royal size 14 with an 8-10Ē classic wet dropper , any pattern working but yellow seemed to be the best . The Brookies really seemed to like it when I would dap the dry and wet as I retrieved back , sometimes clearing the water by 2-3Ē to get to the fly!! Today, went to a stocked river and although I didnít kill em, did end up with 4 , 2 browns and 2 rainbows , 1 additional rainbow lost and not counted because I lost him at the net . These fish were caught using a thing a mabobber and 3 fly setup. Lotsa fun  :)

Entomology and Fish Food Items / So whatís hatching now?
« on: April 20, 2019, 04:38:48 AM »
So whatís hatching up in your neck of the woods ? Down here on the Neversink in the Catskills were seeing a lot of little black caddis . River is high and currently not wade able so I just went for a walk yesterday to hunt for bugs and saw clouds of little black caddis in the trees and over the water. Hope fully the rain stops so I can go down and tie on a elk hair pattern! 😊

Hey guys , may sound like a dumb question but anyone have suggestions when the label on your tippet  spool wears out and you can no longer read it? If they have the band around it then itís usually not a problem but sometimes it gets lost and/ or didnít have it stamped on it . Also, I canít tell the difference between mono and flouro by eye , any suggestions ?

Thanks ,


Fly Fishing General Discussions / Fast tying Clinch Knot Method
« on: September 01, 2018, 11:18:53 AM »
I ran into a guy a few months ago who showed me a real quick and easy way to tie a clinch knot, like in 2 or 3 seconds; he twirled it With his thumb and finger or something . Wish I could remember how he did it!! anyone know?

I often fish a pond adjacent to Wolf Lake in the Catskills and have posted before about catching Pickerel and Largemouth there throughout the late spring and summer. With the summer heat in the early part of the summer and heavy rains almost daily the second half making Catskill trout rivers and streams unfishable , Iíve been doing a lot of warm water fishing lately. Of course, largemouth and pickerel are easier to catch than trout as they are not as wary and more aggressive but you would be surprised how even they can pose challenges when conditions are not optimal. Lately, Iíve noticed that I  was able to catch largemouth but my catch rate for pickerel has been declining since early summer . However, when I would go out and fish with friends who were spin fishing, they were able to catch pickerel AND largemouth while I was chucking streamers , worm flies crayfish patterns , etc.
Yesterday was horrendous as both spin fisherman each caught a pickerel and 1 or 2 laregemouth wheras I caught nothing below the surface and finally, a largemouth on a bass popper. What was I doing wrong? Finally , it occurred to me what the problem was: the spin fisherman were catching fish because their baits were staying deeper in the strike zone longer ; furthermore , they could produce a steady retrieve which was necessary for the pickerel whereas I could not. To imitate their retrieve with my fly rod , I rigged up my streamer pattern using a setup essentially the same as a Carolina rig that spin fisherman use for bass: slip sinker , swivel and 12-18 inches of tippet off the swivel and then the streamer . With this setup I noticed immediately my streamer went into the strike zone near the bottom and stayed there! I trolled with this setup to find find fish and as soon as I got a strike, stop and cast but instead of strip retrieving, i reeled the fly in to imitate the spin fishermanís retrieve the best that I could. Final result: I caught a largemouth and a  Pickerel and hooked into 2 more pickerel that I lost while bringing into the boat. I obviously noticed a marked increase in success in terms of interest by the pickerel , especially as compared to yesterdayís effort in which I got NO HITS from the pickerel. Clearly the rig I devised solved the mystery ! The only thing I may do in the future differently is use a fullsinking line setup to facilitate easier casting as waving that rod around with the slip sinker was not easy! Only thing Iíd worry about is, would I still be able to achieve the steady retrieve of the streamer while concomitantly keeping the streamer down in the strike zone and level running near the bottom. Will a sinking line enable the fly fisherman to do that? I donít know as Iíve never used one 🤔

Fly Fishing Product Reviews / OPST shooting heads
« on: July 25, 2018, 04:22:50 AM »
Hey guys,

A friend of mine works for a drilling company and travels all over the US and Canada for his job.  Being a big flyfisherman, he brings his gear w h and when time permits, fishes the local streams and rivers whever heís working. Anyway, he turned me on to these OPST Commando shooting heads that you attach to the end of your line. Initially designed for Spey Skagit exclusively , they now have weights And sizes for Switch Rods and single handed rods for virtually every fishing application. Anyone ever try them? I casted his rod Monday and it is so effortless! No backcast is necessary with these beauties as the head is fat and heavy and loads the rod as an anchor similar to Spey casting .  Iím planning on using a setup this fall with my 13í Spey rod . Any input/ advice / opinions regarding these heads would be great.

Thanks 😊

Fly Fishing General Discussions / Blood knots
« on: July 22, 2018, 11:01:52 AM »
Hey guys,

When tying up my leaders, I find blood knots to be very effective for large diameter material, approx 15-40 lb test for the upper and/ or butt sections but not so much when the diameter drops down below around 15. For the thinner sections Iím using a triple surgeons knot; any thoughts or ideas about a better knot to use or does it sound alright?


Rivers and Stream Fly Fishing / A day of classic trout fishing
« on: June 23, 2018, 02:24:00 PM »
Hey guys,

So I went to my old spot up in the Adirondacks my grandfather used to take me to for a day of brook trout fishing . Armed with my 7í 3 wt and a box of attractor dries , 5 x tippet and classic wets , I went at it from about 10 -4 . My technique was drifting my dry with a classic wet attached on a 4Ē dropper. All told, I scored 19 Brookeís and 30 Chubs for a grand total of 49 fish. What I noticed was most effective was dapping the dry on. The surface and raising the wet up to the surface , similar to the Leisenring lift at the end of the drift . Fish were leaping out of the water to get the wet and sometimes even the dry even when inches above the water surface!! Of the 19 trout caught, 16 took the wet and 3 the dry whereas for the Chubs the reverse seemed to be true. I caught far more Chubs in the dry than the wet . It was a wonderful day and a great experience 😊

Rivers and Stream Fly Fishing / Fishing from a kayak
« on: June 18, 2018, 05:44:09 AM »
The smallmouth are abundant in the Delaware for sure but currently, Iím struggling logistically with fishing for them out of my kayak. Here a few things Iíve encountered and learned about my limitations and issues fishing w the kayak:
1)if you fish alone, you have to stay in the immediAte vicinity of your truck! Initially, my plan was to put in and head upstream then float back to my out in spot and fish. However, that only works if you can paddle through the fast current!! Lol
2)if I just floated downstream from my spot, Same problem arises when trying to head back upstream to my truck
3)because of my limitations in terms of water coverage , I spent more time paddling to reposition and not get too far downstream then I did fishing
4) casting is harder and different in the kayak cuz your sitting lower and closer to the waters surface so double hauling is harder
5) you really need a connector to attach your paddle And rod to the kayak so you donít lose them in the water if dropped !!
6)you need your flies and equipment easily accessible in the kayak and not down by your feet cuz once your in and floating , they are unreachable if you wanna change flies !!
7)you need a method of casting in which the fly gets down quickly cu your floating downstream; if it takes too long to sink, your never in the strike zone during your drift.

Any advice , input would be great!!

Thanks 😊

Hey Guys;

Goin back home to the St. Lawrence River to do some flyfishing for Pike, first time I ever targeted them on a fly rod ! Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knows a good leader formula and rigup system for them.  As you know, they are big, strong and have very sharp teeth! Iím planning on using a wire leader to attach my flies to but Iím wondering leader length and size more than anything . Thanks 😊

I know this is most likely a resurrected topic but is always worth discusssing IMHO to see how other flyfisherman tackle this conundrum. To maximize fishing presentations for both wets and dries, do you think it makes sense to bring 2 reels w you on any given outing: 1 spooled with floating line and mono for dries and 1 with sinktip/ sinking line and flouro for nymphs/ wets and streamers ? Granted , leaders can be Changed out as needed but with this system, you can minimize the amount of shot needed and probably optimize presentation / drift of your fly donít you think?

Fly Fishing General Discussions / Coil vs Straight sighter
« on: May 15, 2018, 04:48:53 PM »
I was first introduced to euro nymphing by a friend in 2012 when the coils were all the rage. I  used the coil with good success for many seasons but am now attempting this season to switch to the straight sighter setup as itís supposed to provide more versatility ( or so Iíve been told) . What are the advantages and disadvantages of both setups and is 1 really more effective than the other or is it more a question of personal preference?

So Iíve been reading a lot about leader formulas online and tied up a few utilizing the straight sighter. I used amnesia line 15 lb test, both chartreuse and red but found it very hard to see. I had a few strikes but couldnít set the hook and feel like I probably missed a lot of hits not being familiar with the straight sighter. Do you want to basically tightline itís you present your flies? Also, I was running 2-3 foot of 5x flouro off the sighter . Should I lengthen my tippet from sighter to flies? Thanks for your input 😊

Fly Fishing General Discussions / Double Dry Setup
« on: May 13, 2018, 04:44:32 AM »
Hey Guys , Ive used a double dry setup on occasion when fish  are hitting the surface to figure out the optimal pattern quicker, only thing is, not sure if I have figured out the right spacing between the flies. Iíve found that if I go too long they tend to wrap around each other and ruin the drift, or , because theyíre so far apart , microcurrents and conditions vary enough so that one impacts the drift of the other. On the other hand , if too close, seems unrealistic for flies to be stacked up next to each other. I was thinking about 8Ē, what do you think?


Hey guys;

One thing i always try to improve upon is my versatility out on the water: one aspect of this is improving on time management , in other words, maximizing my time on the water spent ďfishing productively ď as opposed to wasting time changing out rigs / flies, etc. I was thinking I would like to rigup short flouro leaders , around 4-5 ft for streamers with a perfection loop or tippet ring. Also, rigup some longer ones, maybe about 7 1-2 ft or so for nymphing. All leaders would be level , about 10 lb test flouro and will have tippet rings and / or perfection loops for attaching. If I wanted to dry fly and or use wets or soft hackles I could then clip my rig and roll it up for reuse and attach one of my tapered leaders .

Any advice on leader formulas ,  in addition to opinions on this proposed system would be great.

Thanks ,

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