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Fly fishers from across North America and around the World are invited to register for this international loch-style fly fishing competition, and to celebrate fly fishing in general. Members of the Canadian, British, and U.S. National Fly Fishing Teams and competitors from the U.K. and Europe will be on hand and competing for the team and individual titles, medals, and The NALSFFC Cup.

To date, through registration fees, proceeds from the silent auction, and the generous support of Highland Valley Copper and their staff, this event has helped to raise a grand total of $161,000.00 for the B.C. Children's Hospital over the past 8 years...


Please note that registration opens as far in advance as possible, so teams are able to book and secure the larger cabins that hold 5-6 person teams at Tunkwa Lake Resort, so please reserve your accommodations as soon as you register for this event!!


Dates: September 22 - 28, 2019.
Location: Logan Lake, British Columbia (45 minutes from Kamloops or 3 hours from Vancouver)
Competition Headquarters: Tunkwa Lake Resort.
Number of Competition Sessions: Five, 3-hour sessions of loch-style fly fishing, and one "rest" session.
Number of Sectors: 5 lake venues.
Eligible species: Rainbow Trout
Minimum length: 25cm <<<< New for 2019!!!
Entry fee: $320.00 per person, which includes lunches on all 3 days of the competition and dinner at the opening and closing ceremonies. Registration fees will be accepted as of June 1, 2019 and are due by June 30, 2019.
Guest fee: $35.00 per person, which includes dinner at the Opening Ceremonies and the Closing Ceremonies. Guest fees are due by June 30, 2019.
Awards: Medals will be awarded to the top three teams and individuals, and the Cup to the top team.
Competition Rules: FIPS-MOUCHE rules apply, with single fly rule.
Maximum Number of Teams: 14 five-man teams ( 70 competitors ).
Competition Points: This championship is a top level championship with points qualifying for both Team USA and Team Canada's National Ranking Point Systems.



Competition Venues: Tunkwa Lake West, Tunkwa Lake East, Corbett Lake, Batstone Lake, and Roche Lake.
Opening Ceremonies Location: Tunkwa Lake Resort
Closing Ceremonies Location:   Corbett lake Lodge
Maximum Number of Participants: 70 competitors (14 five-man teams - with 7 spots reserved for international teams).
No fishing policy: There will be a 12 day no-fishing-policy for all competition venues, which comes into effect at 6:00am on September 10, 2019. All competitors, their agents, and associates are not allowed to fish the competition venues during this period of time.
Official Practice Sessions: Teams are responsible for arranging their own transportation needs and boat rental costs, as well as the access fees on the private lake venues.

Registration fees include the following items:
1) Transportation on the 3 competition days.
2) Boat rentals on the 3 competition days.
3) Access fees for the two private lakes on the 3 competition days.
4) Lunches at the competition venues on the 3 competition days.
5) A barbecue dinner at the Opening Ceremonies at Tunkwa Lake Resort.
6) A banquet dinner at the Awards/Closing Ceremonies at Corbett Lake Lodge.

1. Batstone Lake
2. Corbett Lake
3. Roche Lake
4. Tunkwa Lake East
5. Tunkwa Lake West
Group              Session 1 - Session 2  Session 3 - Session 4 - Session 5 - Session 6
Group A:           BREAK        Roche        Corbett      Batstone   Tunkwa E    Tunkwa W
Group B:           Roche         BREAK     Tunkwa W    Tunkwa E   Batstone      Corbett
Group C:         Tunkwa E    Tunkwa W     BREAK       Roche       Corbett       Batstone
Group D:          Batstone      Corbett      Roche        BREAK     Tunkwa W     Tunkwa E
Group E:          Corbett      Batstone     Tunkwa E    Tunkwa W    Roche         BREAK
Rested Sector: Tunkwa W    Tunkwa E    Batstone     Corbett          -             Roche

Tunkwa Lake to Roche Lake =            68 minutes / 89 km (single session venue with lunch served at resort)
Tunkwa Lake to Corbett Lake =           60 minutes /    81.4 km
Tunkwa Lake to Batstone Lake =         80 minutes /  110.0 km
Seven Half Diamond to Corbett Lake = 25 minutes /   29.0 km

• Vehicles depart for Roche Lake (morning session): 6:15am
• Vehicles depart for Batstone Lake: 6:30am
• Vehicles depart for Corbett Lake Resort: 6:45am
• Vehicles depart for Roche Lake afternoon session: 9:15am
Competitors must meet on the lawn at the picnic area at Tunkwa Lake Resort.

- There will be a total of 3 official practice days for the competition lake venues, which are September 22, 23, and 24, 2019.
- Only officially registered competitors and alternates are permitted to fish on the competition lake venues during the 3 practice days (agents and associates are not permitted).
* Teams are responsible for booking their practice times and boat reservations, and are encouraged to do so well in advance of their arrival.



Venues Headquarters:                                    Tunkwa Lake Resort
Opening Ceremonies Venue:                           Tunkwa Lake Resort
Youth's Fly Fishing Clinic:                               Tunkwa Lake Resort
Closing Ceremonies & Awards Banquet Venue: Corbett Lake Lodge


Group              Session 1 - Session 2  Session 3 - Session 4 - Session 5 - Session 6
Group A:           BREAK        Roche        Corbett      Batstone   Tunkwa N    Tunkwa S
Group B:           Roche         BREAK     Tunkwa S    Tunkwa N   Batstone      Corbett
Group C:         Tunkwa N    Tunkwa S     BREAK       Roche       Corbett       Batstone
Group D:          Batstone      Corbett      Roche        BREAK     Tunkwa S     Tunkwa N
Group E:          Corbett      Batstone     Tunkwa N    Tunkwa S    Roche         BREAK
Rested Sector: Tunkwa S    Tunkwa N    Batstone     Corbett          -             Roche



Sunday, September 22, 2019:
All competition venues are open for practicing (teams are responsible for their own transportation needs, boat rentals and the 2 private lake access fees)

Monday, September 23, 2019:
All competition venues are open for practicing (teams are responsible for their own transportation needs, boat rentals and the 2 private lake access fees)

Tuesday, September 24, 2019:
All competition venues are open for practicing (teams are responsible for their own transportation needs, boat rentals and the 2 private lake access fees)

Wednesday, September 25, 2019:
* No fishing allowed on Competition Venues on this day.
Youth's Fly Fishing Clinic:  Tunkwa Lake Resort 10:00am - 2:00pm
Opening Ceremonies; Dinner; Captains' Meeting; Draw; and Team Photos: Tunkwa Lake Lodge 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Thursday, September 26, 2019
Session One:    9:00am - 12:00pm
Lunch Break    12:00pm - 1:30pm
Session Two:     1:30pm - 4:30pm

Friday, September 27, 2019  

Session Three:     9:00am - 12:00pm
Lunch Break:      12:00pm - 1:30pm
Session Four:        1:30pm - 4:30pm

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Session Five:     9:00am - 12:00pm
Lunch Break:   12:00pm - 1:30pm
Session Six:      1:30pm - 4:30pm

Saturday Evening, September 28, 2018

Closing Ceremonies, Awards Banquet, Silent Auction, and Medal Presentations: 7:00pm Corbett Lake Lodge

Sunday, September 29, 2019
Teams depart for home...

◦ Registration for this event is now open.
◦ In order to ensure a quality experience, the maximum number of teams has been set at 14 teams.
◦ 7 spots are reserved for Canadian Teams.
◦ 7 spots are reserved for International Teams.
◦ Teams consist of a maximum of 5 competitors and may have a maximum of 1 Reserve Angler ( optional ).
◦ Registration will be accepted on a first come, first served basis with priority being given to complete teams of 5 competitors.
◦ Teams and individuals are required to officially register by emailing Todd Oishi at: 
◦ Registration fees are due by June 30, 2019 (registration is not complete until payment has been received).
◦ Registration fees are nonrefundable after July 31, 2019.

Individual registrants will be placed onto an "Individuals List" and may possibly be picked up by a team that is short on team members, or the 5 individuals will be formed into a five-man team if they agree to do so, and there's a spot available for their team.


1. Team Cormorant
Todd Oishi - Maple Ridge, British Columbia
John Nishi - Millarville, Alberta
Chris Puchniak - Surrey, British Columbia
Rob Stroud - Prince George, British Columbia
Mike Oishi - Barriere, British Columbia

2. Team King Fisher White
Kevin Cucheron - Calgary, Alberta
Mike Learmonth - Surrey, British Columbia
Brian Danilkiewicz - Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Gerald Wolfe - Squamish, British Columbia
Johnny Wilkinson - Abbotsford, British Columbia

3. Team King Fisher Blue
Bobby Danilkiewicz - Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Mackenzie Harmston - Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Evan Paterson - Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Callum Learmonth - Surrey, British Columbia
Darryl Fischer - Kamloops, British Columbia

4. Team Trout Bums
David Heine - Victoria, British Columbia
Colette Stroud - Prince George, British Columbia
Peter Morrison - Fernie, British Columbia
Mark Feldberg - Fernie, British Columbia
Richard Wilby - Kelowna, British Columbia

5. Team Shadow (U.S./Canadian Team):
Stanton Jack - Vancouver, British Columbia
Istvan Kereszturi - Burnaby, British Columbia
Brian Haminishi - Richmond, British Columbia
Madoka Myers - Denver, Colorado
Aggie Fritz - Abbotsford, British Columbia

6. Team Baetis Sigma Phly:
Jason Doucette - Edmonton, Alberta
Jay Giasson - Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Jordan Viveiros - Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Justin Hardy -Edmonton, Alberta
Taylor Culver - Kamloops, British Columbia

7. Team En Diable:
Jim Iredale - Mont Tremblant, Quebec
Clint Goyette - Squamish, British Columbia
Brandon Higgs - Squamish, British Columbia
Jonathan Furigay - Edmonton, Alberta
Andy Larkin - Cobble Hill, British Columbia

8. Team Freestone (U.S. Regional Team)
Sean Crocker - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Loren Williams - Saratoga Springs, New York
Steve Good - Chalfont, Pennsylvania
Andy Koons - Perkasie, Pennsylvania
Ken Crane - LaFayette, New York

9. Team USA (U.S. National Fly Fishing Team)
Devin Olsen - Midvale, Utah
Josh Graffam - Louisville, Colorado
Lance Egan - Lehi, Utah
Russ Miller - Golden, Colorado
Michael Bradley - Cherokee, North Carolina

10. Team USA Youth (U.S. National Fly Fishing Team)
TBD (Based on 2019 team selections)
TBD (Based on 2019 team selections)
TBD (Based on 2019 team selections)
TBD (Based on 2019 team selections)
TBD (Based on 2019 team selections)

11. Team Master Nymph Copper (U.S. Regional Team)
Jason Lieverst - Bellevue, Washington (Team Captain)
Geoff LeClair - Kamloops, British Columbia
Gabriel Wittosch - Duluth, Georgia
Mason Sims - Chickamauga, Georgia
Paul Bourcq - Franklin, North Carolina

12. Team Master Nymph Black (U.S. Regional Team)
Ryan Peck - New Bern, North Carolina (Team captain)
Tyler Cornett - Cullowhee, North Carolina
Isaac Korman - Bend, Oregon
Anders Korman - Bend, Oregon
Hunter Wright - Cherokee, North Carolina

13. Team Ireland
Peter Driver - Kilkenny, Ireland
Tom Driver - Dublin, Ireland
TBD (Based on 2019 team selections)
TBD (Based on 2019 team selections)
TBD (Based on 2019 team selections)

14. Soldier Palmers (British Army Fly Fishing Team):
TBD (based on deployment and availability)
TBD (based on deployment and availability)
TBD (based on deployment and availability)
TBD (based on deployment and availability)
TBD (based on deployment and availability)

15. Spot available for an international team...

1. Team Highlander
2. Team Osprey

1. Cody Burgdorff - Lafayette, Colorado, USA
2. Martin Payne - Surrey, British Columbia
3. Kage Kossler - Bend, Oregon
4. Slate Spooner - Calgary, Alberta

I just wanted to personally thank John Wilkinson and Rob Stroud for volunteering their time to help me to coach the Canadian and American youths that attended the Youth Loch-Style Fly Fishing Clinic at 2018 North American Loch-Style Fly Fishing Championship.

The clinic was a great success, as the time that the youths spent in the boats with 3 different instructors helped them to understand more about loch-style fishing and to prepare for the championship.

left to right: John Wilkinson; Rob Stroud; Anders Korman; Ryan Peck; Slate Spooner; Isaak Korman; Kage Kossler; and Todd Oishi


Innovative Fly Fisher Forum's Fly Tying Night will be held in the private dining room at the Home Restaurant in Maple Ridge from 6:00pm - 9:00pm on Tuesday, October 9, 2018. Everyone is welcome to attend our open fly tying nights and join in on a fun and informative night out on the town!

The theme for October's Fly Tying Night will be "Fly Patterns for Interior Lakes"... Fly tyers are free to tie whatever they'd like to tie. I'll leave the floor open to others that are willing to share a few of their favorite pattern(s).

This is a great chance for you to refill the vacant slots in some of your fly boxes, and prepare for next season's recreational angling trips and competitions. It's also a great way to learn a few new tips and meet some other fly tyers in your region, and join in on the conversations/fishing stories from this past season and plans for this season...

The Home Restaurant is a family-oriented restaurant, so youths are welcome. They aren't charging us for the use of their private banquet room for our tying nights, but the deal is that you'll have to order either a meal or appetizer, or a pie and coffee, tea, or pop in order to fill a spot at the table - I can personally testify that they make the best coffee and pies in town!!!

This is truly a fun time with a great group of people/fly tyers. It's also a great way to hone your fly tying skills and learn some new patterns, so please consider coming out to join in on the fun and share a few laughs! Newcomers to the forum and non-members are most welcome at this and all of our events!! :)

Please email Todd Oishi at: or post on this thread if you plan to attend, so I can get an accurate headcount for the seating.

List of attendees:
1. Todd Oishi
2. Brian Danilkiewicz
3. Greg Buerk
4. Greg Burnett


Here's the address for the Home Restaurant:
21667 Lougheed Hwy
Maple Ridge, BC
V2X 2S2
Phone: 604-476-1600


Mill Lake Loch-Style Fly Fishing Competition

Competition Water: Mill Lake in Abbotsford, British Columbia
Date: Sunday, November, 4, 2018

1.   Max # of Entrants: 28 (competitors will fish as teams of 2 competitors)
2.   FIPS-Mouche Rules
3.   Entry Fees: $10.00 (funds go towards the event and League medals and trophies).
4.   Eligible fish species: Rainbow Trout and Cutthroat Trout
5.   Minimum length for scoring points: 18cm
6.   Number of sessions: 2 Sessions
7.   Time Period for each session: 3 hours
8.   No-Fish-Period: comp water no-fish policy will be in affect starting Monday, October 29, 2018 at 6:00am
9.   Electric motors only for this competition (no gas motors)
10. The use of electric motors is permitted for moving about the lake (trolling is not permitted)
11. Flies must be out of the water when the boat is under power (while rowing or motoring)
12. Fish hooked or played while the boat is under the power of the motor or oars are not eligible for scoring
13. Competitors, while fishing, must remain seated, and may use a seat with a cushion of a maximum depth of ten cms. Seats with back rests are permitted
14. Medals will be presented to the top 3 competitors and teams at this competition.

Competition Points: 600 point scale on the British Columbia Competitive Fly Fishing League's Leader Board (1 day event with 24 participants). This will be the final competition of the season, with an intense ending, as there should be some significant movement in the Top 10 positions on the Leader Board and the awards categories!
Competition requirements: Minimum of 24 competitors required in order to maintain 600 point scale

FFC Competition Status: Level 4 Mini-competition with a point scale that is based on the ranking points of the top 5 competitor's on Fly Fishing Canada's National Ranking Points System - Max 550 points


For those who do not have drogues, I will have plenty of drogues on hand. This competition will allow participants a unique opportunity to participate in a friendly-spirited competition, and to gain some additional competition experience.

We also need to know which of the participants can supply a boats and electric motors for this event and the name of their team mate. Individuals will be paired up to form a team.

This event will be the final competition of the season for the British Columbia Competitive Fly Fishing League's 2018 season. Please email Todd Oishi at: in order to register for this competition.

We really want to encourage newcomers and fly fishers of all skill levels to come out to this fun and social event, and see what this competition and our group is all about. No need to worry if you've never fished loch-style, as it's basically fishing from a drifting boat and keeping your flies ahead of the boat while casting and retrieving your fly. It's going to be a fun and challenging event, so don't delay and sign-up today! :)

Schedule of Events:
Boats go in the water around 8:00 am
Competitors’ Meeting: 8:30 am
Session 1: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Lunch Break: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm (hamburgers and hot dogs sale, so bring some money to help support the fundraiser)
Session 2: 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Final results and medal presentation: 4:15 pm

List of Registered Participants (maximum of 28 competitors):
(Please indicate if you'll be supplying a boat and electric motor)

1. Todd Oishi - boat and electric motor
2. Brian Danilkiewicz

3. Johnny Wilkinson - boat and electric motor
4. Gordy Dykstra

5. Mike Learmonth - boat and electric motor
6. Callum learmonth

7. Istvan Kereszturi - boat and electric motor
8. Stanton Jack

9.  Jay Giasson - boat and electric motor
10. Bobby Danilkiewicz

11. Alistair Grogan - boat and electric motor
12. Taylor Culver

13. Martin Payne - boat and electric motor
14. Aggie Fritz

15. Chris Puchniak - boat and electric motor
16. Matt Dirksen

17. Deb Paskall - boat and electric motor
18. Randy Paskall

19. Bobby Danilkiewicz - boat and electric motor
20. Derek Ayers





Individuals with a boat looking for a partner:

Individuals without a boat looking for a partner with a boat:



The results of the draw; sessions; and the individual and team results will be posted on this thread, as soon as they are made available and depending on internet coverage at that time.

UPDATE: Here are the Individual and Team Results after Six Sessions of the 2018 North American Loch-Style Fly Fishing Championships - there are 5 sessions of competition and 1 break session (10 placing points were deducted from each competitor's final result to calculate the actual results for 5 sessions of competition):

Please scroll down to the next posts on this page for the draw and group, individual, and team results for each session


FFC Membership for 2018
Annual Membership for Fly Fishing Canada are now on sale, for those wishing to be a part of the growing organization.  Join the ranks of those enjoying fly fishing and representing Canada in the Fly Fishing Community!
Member privileges shall include:
Option to be listed on the National Ranking Points (NRPs) Leader Board,
Voting rights at the AGM,
Option to hold a Director's position on the Fly fishing Canada Board,
Consideration for International Team Selection,
Access to Special Information (including information write-ups by Team Canada members) and Rewards through the FFC website,
Plus more.
Those who purchase a membership card and who are not currently on the NRP Leader Board will have their results from the 2018 season added to it. Those who are currently on the NRP Leader Board, in paying their Membership fee will continue to have their name and results listed on the Leader Board.
Competitors failing to purchase a membership card by October 31st will lose their accumulated NRPs and have to start over at zero points (if signing up after that date).
Fly Fishing Canada Membership cards are going on sale September 1st, 2018.
The Membership Fee is $45 for adults and $25 for Youths (Youths being defined as any person who is 18 years of age or under during the membership year).  FFC will accept registration payment via e-transfer starting on Saturday, September 1st, 2018.

e-transfer to:

Further Information
Revenue generated by Membership Fees are used for paying FFC's administrative costs, it's annual membership dues into CIPS, FIPS-mouche, and the Commonwealth Association, and to support our Youth and Adult National Fly Fishing Teams.
More information about Fly Fishing Canada (FFC) can be found at its home page:
Further information regarding National Ranking Points (NRPs) and Competitions can be found under the 'Competition' section of the FFC website.
For Information regarding general membership issues, please feel free to contact Chris Puchniak at:


 Adhésion FFC pour 2018
L'adhésion annuelle à Fly Fishing Canada sera bientôt en vente, pour ceux qui souhaitent faire partie de l'organisation en pleine croissance. Rejoignez les rangs des amateurs de pêche à la mouche et de représentation du Canada dans la communauté de la pêche à la mouche!
Les privilèges des membres incluent:
• Possibilité d’être inscrit sur le tableau des leaders des points de classement nationaux (PNR),
• droit de vote à l’AGA,
• Possibilité d’occuper un poste de directeur au Conseil canadien de la pêche à la mouche,
• Considération pour la sélection de l'équipe internationale,
• bulletins d'information,
• l’accès à l’information spéciale (y compris les informations écrites fournies par les membres d’Équipe Canada) et les récompenses sur le site Web de la FFC,
• Plus plus.
Ceux qui achètent une carte de membre et qui ne sont pas actuellement sur le tableau des leaders du PNR verront leurs résultats de la saison 2018 s'y ajouter. Ceux qui sont actuellement sur le tableau des leaders du PNR, en payant leur cotisation, continueront à avoir leur nom et leurs résultats sur le tableau des leaders.
Les concurrents qui n'achèteront pas de carte de membre avant le 31 octobre perdront leurs PNR accumulés et devront recommencer à zéro point (s'ils s'inscrivent après cette date).
Les cartes de membre de Pêche à la mouche Canada seront mises en vente le 1er septembre 2018.
Les frais d'adhésion s'élèvent à 45 dollars pour les adultes et à 25 dollars pour les jeunes (les jeunes étant définis comme toute personne âgée de 18 ans ou moins pendant l'année d'adhésion). FFC acceptera le paiement de l'inscription par virement électronique à compter du samedi 1er septembre 2018.
Virement électronique à:
Informations complémentaires
Les revenus générés par les frais d'adhésion sont utilisés pour payer les frais administratifs de FFC, sa cotisation annuelle au CIPS, à FIPS-mouche et à la Commonwealth Association, et pour soutenir nos équipes nationales de pêche à la mouche pour les jeunes et les adultes.
Vous trouverez plus d’informations sur Fly Fishing Canada (FFC) sur sa page d’accueil:
De plus amples informations concernant les points de classement nationaux (PNR) et les compétitions sont disponibles dans la section «Compétition» du site Web de la FFC.
Pour plus d'informations sur les problèmes généraux d'adhésion, n'hésitez pas à contacter Chris Puchniak à l'adresse suivante:

I will be the first one to admit that I am constantly learning new things and trying to be a more effective and efficient as both a recreational and competitive fly fisher. I honestly believe that the learning and need to improve will never end for a lot of us, and I come to realize that I have a lot more to learn about this sport, even though I have been fly fishing for 25 years and competitively for 15 of those years.

I have sought-out and received coaching from some of the top competitors and best fly fishing instructors in the England; Scotland; Wales; The Republic of Ireland; Czech Republic; Poland; Portugal; Spain; Italy; New Zealand; and several other countries, but if anything, the knowledge that I've obtained, along with the new innovations that are being shared on a daily basis thanks to the competitive fly fishing world/community, has taught me that we have so much more to learn and probably will never stop learning as our sport, techniques, flies, and equipment continues to evolve.

I have recently been focusing a fair amount of my attention on small stream stuff and tying real small flies, as I find myself, like many others, being so caught up in the "Euro nymphing craze" these days that I've been neglecting that part of my game.

I suppose that fishing (or preparing to travel to) new waters and different conditions will tend to force you to adapt, change up your game, and move out of your comfort zone...

So with that being said, what part of your game are you working on these days or feel that you need to work on??


With so many newcomers entering our sport, I thought it would be helpful if everyone took the time to share a few words of advice and encouragement to help them start off on the right foot and shorten the learning curve...

My best piece(s) of advice would involve the following:

1. Read books, magazines, online articles and blogs, and watch videos relating to techniques that will apply to the venue that you will be competing on (lake fishing, loch-style fishing, Euro nymphing, streamer fishing, dry fly fishing, etc...)
2. Spend time on the water practicing what you've learned.
3. Keep a journal and record your observations and findings (for future reference and asking questions).
4. Visit the competition venue and practice on it if and when it's allowed.
5. Practice your netting skills (equally as important as knowing how to catch the fish).
6. Be organized and reduce clutter in your vest or boat bags.
7. Ask questions and seek advice from those that are catching more fish than you.
8. Be observant and watch what the other competitors are doing differently than you IF they are finding greater success than you.
9. Always have a game plan, and more importantly, have a few backup plans if things aren't working for you!
10. Carry your journal for a quick reference, and write yourself a letter with advice and suggestions for times when things are not going your way!

Please feel free to add a few of your own piece of advice or observations, regardless of your skill level or the number of times that you've competed...

The 2018 Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championship are being held in Omagh, Northern Ireland from September 4th, 5th, and 6th. This championship will include 2 loch-style flishing sessions on the Lough Macrory and Straid Fishery, 2 river sessions on the Quiggery and Burn Dannet Rivers, and 1 lake bank fishing session on the Woodford Fly Fishery Pond.

This thread will be dedicated to sharing information, updates, photos, and the results of this championship, so please stay tuned to this thread for updates as they are made available...

Here's a link to the official website for the 2018 Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships, where you'll find information on the venues; teams; schedule; and official team and individual results as soon as they are made available:

Best wishes to all of the teams, and special good-luck wishes to both Canadian teams!!

Here are the names of the members of the 2 Canadian Teams:
Team Canada White:
John Beaven (B.C) - Manager
Donald Thom (Que) - Non-fishing Captain
Todd Oishi (B.C)
Colin Huff (Que)
Ivo Balinov (Ont)
Ian Troup (Ont)
David Forgeron (Ont)
Mike Learmonth (B.C.) - Reserve

Team Canada Red:
Ken MacAulay (N.S.) - Captain
Tom Irvine (Ont)
Sorin Comsa (Ont)
Peter Morrison (B.C.)
Gerald Wolfe (B.C.)



For those of you that have never heard of the British Columbia Fly Fishing League or are curious and thinking about joining our League, I thought that I would share with you a little information about who we are and what we do. I also encourage other members to share their experiences on this thread as well...

The British Columbia Fly Fishing League consists of a great group of fly fishers of all skill levels that are passionate about all things related to fly fishing and conservation...

We host well over a dozen fly fishing events throughout the year that include: friendly-spirited competitions, fly tying nights, fundraisers, river clean-ups, and fly fishing clinics...

Our fly tying nights are always an informative and fun night out on the town (the food and pie are to die for)...

We really enjoy socailizing at our events and swapping stories about "the ones that got away"...

We often start our days well before "the crack of dawn"...

We are definitely not "fair weather" fishermen and fisherwomen...

We always have a good time, regardless of whether or not Mother Nature cooperates or the fish are willing to come out and play...

Occasionally our timing is perfect, so we're able to enjoy a productive and great day on the water...

We like to involve our families and friends in our activities whenever possible...

We share our knowledge with other members of the League, and hold clinics to help inspire others to join in on the fun...

We hosted the Conservation Symposium at the 2016 National Fly Fishing Championships...

The vast majority of our members have participated at some of North America's biggest and grandest fly fishing championships...

Over the years, our League has produced some pretty amazing and seriously talented fly fishers and top-ranked competitors...

We are seriously committed to mentoring and working with youths, and have sent over a dozen of the youths in our League to major international fly fishing championships, such as the North American Loch-Style Championships, America Cup, and the Youth World Championship in far away countries...

The members of our League have volunteered for 2 Provincial Championships, the Canadian Nationals, several NALS, and will be hosting next year's Youth National Fly Fishing Championships...

We spend our money and donate funds to help support the local communities and fishing-related projects where our events are being held...

Basically... we are a fun and great group of anglers that share a common bond and friendship through fly fishing and friendly-spirited competition...

And last, but not least, I almost forgot to mention that we love to catch (and release) fish...

So, if you want to increase your knowledge of fly fishing and skill level, and are interested in joining our group, please contact Todd Oishi at: or Chris Puchniak at: for more information on how you can become a member!

I sincerely hope that you'll consider signing up and participating at some of our upcoming competitions or joining us for one of our fly tying nights at some point in the future!


Dates: September 15 & 16, 2018
Location: Diable River, Mt. Tremblant, Quebec
Format: 4 competitor controlled sessions (two sessions per day of 2h session)
Rules: Fly Fishing Canada Competition Rules
National Ranking Points: Level 3 (650 points) or Level 4 (600 points) depending on number of registered competitors. 20 competitors: Level 3; Between 16 and 19 competitors: Level 4.   
Registration Fee: $20 for members of Les Moucheurs Endiable and $60 for non-members.
Limited space. Registration on first come first serve basis.
For registration and information please contact Ciprian Rafan at
The entry fee must be paid in full prior to the competition in order to be registered.

Dates: 15 & 16 septembre 2018
Emplacement: Rivière du Diable, Mont-Tremblant, Quebec
Format: 4 sessions contrôlées  (2 sessions de 2h chaque par jour)
Règlements: Les règles de compétition appliquées par pêche à la mouche Canada
Système de point Nationaux: Niveau 3 (650 points) ou Niveau 4 (600 points) dépendamment du nombre de compétiteurs inscrits. 20 compétiteurs: Niveau 3. Entre 16 et 19 compétiteurs: Niveau 4.   
Frais d'inscription: $20 pour les membres Moucheurs Endiablés et $60 pour les non-membres.
Places limitées; Premier arrivé, premier service.
Pour inscription ou pour toutes questions, contactez Ciprian Rafan à l'adresse:
Les frais d'inscription doivent être entièrement payés pour que l'inscription soit considérée complète.

Fly Fishing General Discussions / How Low Do You Go?
« on: July 24, 2018, 03:00:19 PM »
Anglers are often concerned about the diameter of their tippet spooking fish, but are even more concerned about the potential of breaking-off fish as a result of going to light.

I tend to use the lightest tippet possible in order to match the size and strength of the fish size; the targeted fish species; and the resistance of the current. But having said that... I often take the gamble and go really light if the fish are heavily pressured and leader-shy, as I'd rather catch lots of small and medium size fish instead worrying about losing the occasional larger fish and sacrificing my presentation...

In most situations while targeting trout, I'm using 5X for lakes and 7X for rivers, even if there is the hope of encountering the occasional large fish in the mix. I'll use fluorocarbon if I feel the need to increase the breaking strength of my leader without increasing the diameter..

How about the rest of you? How low do you go?!?

Fly Fishing General Discussions / Are you a Biter or a Nipper?
« on: July 23, 2018, 07:36:57 AM »
While teaching my dentist how to fly fish, I noticed that he was keeping a sharp eye on my to see if I was biting my tippet while trimming my knots, as in the past, he constantly tells me that I should be using nippers and shouldn't bite my leader, as it has been doing some minor damage to my teeth.

So, in order to avoid another lecture, I used my nippers that day, except whenever I knew he was preoccupied and his attention was focused on rising trout...

So, my question for all of you is, are you a biter or a nipper when it comes to trimming your knots?!?

Todd, the closet biter...

Here's a message that was forwarded to me regarding the 23rd Annual Trojan Pond Fundraising Fly Fishing Tournament. Please note that this is a fun event and excellent fundraiser for the Royal Inland Hospital Foundation, but it should be noted for those that are actively chasing competition points for the leader boards, this is not a FFC or BCFFL sanctioned event. It is a very worthy cause and great event regardless!! :)

Hello Fly Fishers,

It is time to register for the 23rd Annual Trojan Pond Fundraising Fly Fishing Tournament!  This year the tournament will be on Saturday August 18th , 2018. First, I would like to again thank everyone who supported the tournament last year and helped to raise $7,900 for the Royal Inland Hospital Foundation. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!
This year we will continue to provide the usual hearty breakfast and lunch and will streamline the registration process and the live auction so there will be more time for fishing.  We are again requesting participants to donate an item for the auction.  If possible, please send the donated item in advance, or let us know what you plan to bring so we can advertise it appropriately.  You can contact Melissa Pinyon at 250-523-3869 or to arrange for the auction item to be picked up. 
Will have four team awards, most fish caught by a female, two hidden fish awards there will again be a grand door prize, that will be drawn at the end of the tournament (the winner will have to be present in the building to claim the prize).
Please forward one cheque for $210, payable to Teck Highland Valley Copper Partnership to cover the $60 entry fee and $150 donation to the Royal Inland Hospital Foundation. We will forward your $150 donation to the Foundation and they will send you a charitable donation tax receipt.  If you wish to receive a charitable donation tax receipt for materials donated for the auction please bring the original receipt for the value of the product to the derby and submit it at registration to Melissa Pinyon.
If you know of anyone that would be interested in attending please feel free to share the invite.

Just a reminder that on Saturday August 18th there will be no judge boats all fish will be recorded and a photo will be taken by the fisherman. PLEASE BRING OWN CAMERA as one will not be provided. (SD card compatibility)

Many anglers have requested that they would like to pay in advance for the Raffle of Choice. This year we have a number of great raffle items up for grabs. If you wish to purchase raffle tickets, please include the additional $20 with your registration, or bring extra money to the derby.
To ensure your spot at the 23rd Annual Fundraising Fly Fishing Trojan Pond Tournament please register by July 31, 2018.

To prevent the spread of zebra and quagga mussels all participants MUST wash their boat and equipment prior to event. See page attached for more information.
Remember, tight lines and sharp barbless hooks. Register as soon as possible to ensure entry and avoid missing out. See you August 18th!

Yours truly,
Melissa Pinyon                                                   
Community Affairs Officer                       


This thread is dedicated to discussions, news, updates and results for the 2018 World Fly Fishing Championship, which is being held in Terme di Comano, Italy from September 17 to 23, 2018.

The 38th FIPS-Mouche World Fly Fishing Championship will be held along two rivers: Sarca river and Noce River. The first one comes from the glaciers of the Adamello and flows into Garda Lake, from where it exits with the name of Mincio. 77 km separate the spring from the lake. The second one comes from Corno dei Tre Signori Moutain, at 3360 meters, inside Stelvio National Park.

The championship will have 1 river session on the Noce River; 3 river sessions on the Sarca River; and 1 bank fishing session on Lago di Cornisello.

Here is the official website for the 2018 World Fly Fishing Championship:

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