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Introductions and Greetings / Greetings from the Peace Country
« on: April 16, 2012, 11:14:30 AM »
Hopeless addict. I started fishing when I was 6. After a short time out for chasing chicks & fast cars (chicks don't like me & I hate wrenches) I returned to the 'hood. I started flyfishing in '74 after moving to Grande Prairie, AB. (spent the weekend watching some guy steadily molesting trout while I my spinners were totally ignored). Blew the budget on a fly fishing outfit (Kids ate mac & cheese for a couple of weeks) that monday. One of the founders of the Peace Country Flyfishers Assoc. in '84 & still active. At this moment I am VP (again), teach fly tying, organize events, participate in research projects, enhancement projects, do some topical presentations & generally promote fly fishing. Though I have fished for just about everything with fins & within my reach, my favourite fish is the Arctic Grayling & favourite place to fish is some of our local streams (they shall remain nameless).
"Fish when you can, the rest do if you have to"

« on: April 09, 2012, 08:51:22 AM »
Does any one out there have any experience with the biodegradable leader material "Bioline". It is a product introduced several years ago by Eagleclaw. It is suppose to biodegrade within 5 years. After pulling up about 200 yards of mono from the bottom of a local lake last week it got me thinking (not always good). We fly fishers are the first to complain about how our environment is going to hell in a hand basket. Maybe we should get off the soapbox and do something about it. Switching over to a product that disappears in 5 years rather than leaving tangles of line that will be with us for 500 years might be a good first step.
I'd like to hear from someone that has used the stuff (I've read the hype on the web, thanks) & would also like to find a source here in Alberta.

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