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River Patterns / Egg fly
« on: October 10, 2015, 07:23:49 AM »


So, once more I zigged when I should have zagged and put a pretty interesting 'texture' in the front 1/4 panel of the van. Well, to be honest I creamed it.
Basically I forgot about a post I was beside (a huge YELLOW one at that) and dialed over backing out and crunch.
Now having an open claim for another incident where a lady side swiped me it became time to get that and my mistake corrected and as always time is of the essence being as this is my living/shop expedience is key.
Having dealt with Todd on a few other occasions and receiving top notch service then I of course called him. he did a search on the claim I had running, dealt with that AND gave me a great deal on my own foul up.
In and out in under 48 hours. Dropped off at 10AM the 30th and back driving it at 5PM the 31st.

Another good experience I had was when a guy whipped by me in a left turn lane and took out my van mirror. I called Vance at his shop and he told me to bring it in. I did so and he ordered everything under the sun to ensure it was only going to take one more visit (again time is of the essence when it's business) and true to his word the very next day I rolled into his shop, they went through the various mirrors they brought in (which was a good thing as some were close but only 1 was 'right') and fitted the correct one in. Done in 15 minutes flat including paying.
I call that doing business the way I do and because people appreciate it from me, I appreciate it from others who simply do their jobs professionally and well.


Classic Image Auto Body and Coquitlam Broco Auto Glass get my business and you should bring 'em yours too. Tell 'em Floon sent ya. ;)

Edit: That Coquitlam Broco is in Mapleridge is my only complaint! ;D :D :o

Thanks guys much appreciated. :)

Just to lighten it up around here, I figured we could post something that happened to you or somebody you observed during competing. Just for poops and giggles.
Couple off the top of my head are:

At one venue in Quebec (I believe) we all had our boats designated by number. For some ungodly reason one was still locked to the dock while everybody else's was free to go? The fire drill ensued as the search for the key was on. While the key was looked for somebody brought out one of those multi tools and undid the screws to the hasp and they were off - fishing the session with the lock and chain hanging off the front.

In Fernie we had to make our own ways to the session points so we did a lot of car pooling. I use a knap sack as a gear bag and since we were fishing both lakes and rivers we had a LOT of gear to account for. After blanking my first session with ease ( :D ) I packed up my gear and sort of flipped it into the back of the vehicle I was sharing and headed back to the hotel. Having a few rare spare moments I thought I'd gear up the lake rod while waiting for the bus to the lake and found - the reel with my type 6 line was missing. :-\
Envisioning the 'fling' motion needed to load my bag while holding all my rods I figured out that somehow a pocket must have been open and it had to have fallen out.
RACE back to the area we were at and search it over and over (you'd be surprised how thorough a search you can do in 5 minutes in a frenzy) but to no avail. :o
Head back dejectedly only to find Robert Stroud would lend me his type 6 to keep me in my session plan only to get skunked anyways.  ::)
The Fernie comp was the worst I'd ever done - landing a single fish for all 5 sessions. :-[ lol

Fly Fishing Product Reviews / G Loomis Pro 4x 10' 3wt.
« on: August 26, 2014, 05:51:17 AM »
As some of you know I had the heart breaker of busting my Loomis IMX 3 wt. This rod was the quintessential nympher, light, sensitive, and long as you need. Landed many a fish I shouldn't have on it as well as quite a few I should.
With little hope I sent an e mail to Loomis (Shimano) and told them of my dilemma - including the fact that I was leaving for Fernie in 10 days, THE place this rod would shine. To my delight they said they'd honor a quick form of warranty (it's on the Loomis site) and for $132 Canadian, they'd honor the warranty on the stick. The kicker was they'd send the new rod out, I just needed to send back the part with the logo on it to reduce my shipping costs. The rod showed up 7 days after my call almost to the minute.
Now they no longer made the rod I broke but I was getting a new stick - just hoped it would hold a candle to the old rod.
I think it turned out to be more of an eclipse.
While initially I was nonplussed with the finish of the rod (light green/gold wraps) it has grown on me exponentially. The logo burned into the reel seat cork was a definite winner imo.
This rod is sensitive! Many fish I felt rather than saw the line hit, in fact I never fished a sighter once during my trip to Fernie, I felt nearly every single fish which was great leaving me to fish long leaders (13 to 16') which enabled me to change tactics from Czech to French to dry with very little effort and no leader changes. Just bring the leader into the eyes for the short game or extend it out for subsurface or on top work. The one thing this does over the IMX is cast the leader alone - the IMX was just too stiff on the top end to accomplish this effectively.
I had the opportunity to fish beside the Sage ESN 2 weight and I have to say it compared both weight and feel wise. In fact it is only slightly heavier than the 2 wt and handled presentation as well as the lighter rod, landed flies just as delicately BUT was better in the wind and laying out longer line.
As for casting longer line I had 80' out without even realising it. It's softer than the IMX sure, but the softness only goes down 3 or 4 eyes where the 'backbone' kicks in which translates into sensitivity coupled with good casting reflex - no bounce on the tip casting the 3 wt line.
VERY impressed.
The sticker on the rod denoted "$375.00" so it seems a good mid ranged priced rod that performs in the top end of the pile.
The 2 rods for the "Shoot out":

22" bull trout by catch - the rod handled it surprisingly well!:

Diggin' the reel seat:

Fish on!:

Just goes to show you don't NEED to lay out a grand or better to get top performance, thought this might help some of the younger kids get quality without breaking the parents. 8)

Competition Angling General Discussions / Why competitive angling?
« on: June 18, 2014, 08:38:11 PM »
Just like the topic states, what brings you to it, and what keeps you doing it?

Saltwater Fly Fishing / Beach fishing
« on: April 07, 2014, 05:36:32 PM »
Since there isn't a topic here for this yet, thought I'd start one. I do 'some' beach fishing every year having a few good places around home and in Sechelt where Deb's parents live.
Since I prefer cutthroat fishing over all else I use mostly a 4 or 5wt rod and with either I'll use the 40+ Ghost tip or the floater depending upon tides and depths I am targeting. Sometimes the floater and a pattern twitched occaisionally will out perform the stripping the slow sinking tip requires while other times the retrieve is king and a 'variation' of retrieve is what's required to 'unlock' the secret of the day. Flies are all over the map for #14 soft hackles to streamers to even chironomid pupa if there is a hatch in a near by stream/creek that empties into it. Here are a few pics of what we get up to on the salt the first 2 from this weekend in Sechelt.
As with all fishing locations are sacred so if you want them don't ask me. ;)

Every once in a while you get a surprise:


Any other beach maggots out there? ??? :-X ;D

Stop entering comps, it ruins the fishing for the year.

Honestly besides work this is the reason I'm 'out' of these. I missed so many flipping fisheries that it makes my head spin. Tying nymphs every second and trying to get an edge over others with perfecting my drifts. fishing 'garbage' water when I could have been plying much better venues, water and tactics to match.
The short line game sure screwed up my casting of long line as well. After a year of nearly doing it exclusively saw my casting 'prowess' drop off considerably.
Look I really enjoy the comps in that the people are great and the comraderie better, but to take most of my winter season and 'blow' it on set up for a bunch of days that amount to a couple of shots at fish that could lead to a piece of tin - well I don't think it's worth it.
I won a comp in the summer there  BUT I have to say it was rather 'hollow'. A young fellow caught 6 fish in his first session, literally tripling what I caught all day (less 1 illegal salmon). He found 'em, got ON 'em and didn't take any prisoners that session. He didn't even medal. All he got for his intuition and great showing was a pat on the back.
Bogus imo. Maybe there should be an MVP lmao!!

So anyways don't look for me in any of the competitions I'll be in many but they will be me and a buddy or 2 trying to best each other. That and the word play around it is what fishing is all about along with spreading the 'wealth' around venue wise. :)

Randy, , the casting is much better lately.

Casual Conversations and Discussions / ****WARNING****
« on: December 12, 2013, 11:41:15 AM »
For those with REMOTE controlled gas fireplaces. Change the batteries in the RECIEVER (not the hand held unit you use to turn it on and off it simply won't work when the batteries are low) IN the fireplace once per year!!!!!
Had a client call me re: EXPLODING fireplace. Turns out the batteries were super low in the reciever IN the fireplace and that along with some corrosion from old batteries allowed 'intermittant' signals to the gas valve - on, off, on, off, on, off... you get the idea. In this case the valve was allowed to open enough to make the fireplace fire and she left the room, 3 or 5 minutes later she heard a BOOM, went and checked and found the metal lower enclosure laying on her bed about 10' away.
Today's fireplaces have a set of 'blast doors' held down by springs to keep the glass from exploding into the room upon a concussive firing scenario. The resulting concussion in this case opened the blast doors saving the glass but the detotation resulted in the energy of the blast to go around the firing chamber and spit the front cosmetic piece across the room.
Glad no one was hurt - this time.
Battery operated controls are 'neat' but apparently not the safest things to be relying on.

As with most home owners she wasn't even aware batteries were in there to be changed. If there is ANY corrosion from deacying cells be sure to clean all that off as well - corrosion never gets any 'better' and can and will interupt low voltages from going where they should, in this case with explosive results.

While you are at it you might as well change the batteries in your furnace/boiler thermostat as well.

Have a SAFE and happy Holidays from your friendly neighborhood gas man.

Rivers and Stream Fly Fishing / The belly rub
« on: October 24, 2013, 07:29:07 AM »
I've been coho fishing for quite some time. I've been successful for a few years now honing skills and collecting spots and learning their nuances. I've perfected things enough that I get into fish when they are around most outings.
The problem is when walking and wading I don't carry a net big anough to land a fish when I want to and fishing alone that makes for tough photo conditions with larger fish and I love to collect pictures to go through when I'm older (shut it you peanut gallery guys "older" than I am now) and can no longer get out as much. Also in the boat you are pretty much dead if you don't have a net to land coho.
Or so one might think.

Enter what I call the belly rub.

When bringing a fish in boat side or otherwise the WORST thing you can do is try and go for the tail. Touch the tail and the fish goes crazy all over again, and each time you touch the tail it starts over once more. This leads to many lost fish as at this point the hook has reamed itself a larger hole and while coho freak out (rolling and flipping and head shaking) this is when it's most likely they spit the hook. This not only can lose your potential dinner but is also hard on 'wild' fish that you intend on releasing.
What I do is to play the fish out until it's head is able to be lifted and lead it towards you. If fishing on shore be sure to wade far enough out that the fish doesn't touch the bottom at all - that gets the same reaction as touching it's tail. In the boat no worries just swim the fish on the surface along side the craft. Then reach down and under the fish and lift it at the center right under the belly, the fish will actually calmly sit on your hand if you don't clamp down on it - just relax. With a deft but slow action lift it out of the water and I'm telling you the fish is just so stunned that you did just this they just sit there calmy (or in shock lol) for up to a full minute if you don't swing them around or anything.
I'm pretty sure the look on their faces is like this: ???
Anyway, give it a whirl and let me know if it works as well for you as it does for me. ;)

 This fish sat on my hand for a full minute and a half before swimming away allowing some great photo ops. Pretty wild having a 6lb fish sit on your hand like a canary for that amount of time. :)


Looks like Randy will never talk to me again with all this fame. :D

Fly Fishing General Discussions / Do you take people fishing?
« on: September 15, 2013, 10:23:51 AM »
I am a great lover of spreading of our sport. Not only fly fishing but the sturgeon as well. Nothing better than seeing somebody's eyes light up (or bulge out of their head lol) when I take a person out, show them the ropes and see them have success.
Whether they are a new fisher, or one that has been at it for 50 years nothing makes me happier than putting a fish on the end of their line. Often at the end of the day I have a new advocate for both fishing and our fish that grace our wonderful LML waters.
I've deflowered more virgins than an eastern Sultan. ;)

I'm not talking your own kids here (that's an obligation) but accquaintances, friends and hell even total strangers. One day I picked a fellow up off shore and took him out in the boat for pinks, dropped him off with a bag of fish he caught from where I took him.
Loved it!

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