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Casual Conversations and Discussions / pretty cool
« on: January 04, 2013, 06:26:54 PM »
not sure if I would have been able to stay still until the end of the movie.

Introductions and Greetings / Greetings from Paul Begin
« on: December 18, 2012, 09:37:22 PM »
I grew up in Britannia Beach, fished for anything that swam (there used to be sea run cutt's there even with Britannia creek pumping yellow) Fly rods were used, flys usually had some worm slipped over the barb.

Started steelhead fishing before I left, had a friend build me a one piece 10'-6" 1262 Fenwick mustard coloured blank, bought a Silex Superba and went fishing (was still packing a two piece brown 8'6" Army & Navy 7# fly rod as well) hooked two fish on the Eagle Run and never landed.

Then, in 1972 I moved to Port Hardy, it was mid August when arrived, it was sunny and had been for a while, all streams under the bridges were small flows that you could walk across if you wanted too. Soon after I arrived it rained and all of a sudden the creeks were rivers, lots of pinks and coho's on the drift rod but had not used my fly rod (Army & Navy) until after the rains, then there were pinks in all the lower sections of the river, then I was out flailing away with the dry line, most fish were hooked in the hump.

At the time though I was working in the pulp mill in Port Alice,  I had met a guy at work (can't remember his name) got talking fishing and he was telling me about there was a creek close by where we could catch steelhead on a fly. Hell I was game for that, by then I had bought a Thompson model A vice and was wrapping thread and feather's on a hook, but for this fishing trip I bought some muddler minnows and glo bugs.

We went fishing to the Link River (I only name it because it is now closed) we fish our way upstream, in the first run my buddy hooks a fish that goes crazy and throws the hook, as we go upstream we try to position ourselves so we can get a proper backcast from the top of the run, we spooked fish all the way up, we would have fish charge the fly on the sweep, finally landing one bright summer run. I did hook one fish on the a&n rod two eyes back fro the tip, it broke but it got me into building my first fly rod.

The next thing that happened in my fly fishing evolution was fishing the mouth on the Nicola in early October 76, we would hook a couple of fish then move on to a different run, the third day we were there a guy with a fly rod and a yellow lab started fishing directly across, he hooked a fish, landed it, had a rest, walked back up and started fishing again, pretty much the same spot and was soon into another fish, this one took him long ways down. I think he landed the fish, this went on for three days, he would hook a couple of fish and then leave. My buddy and I decided we were going to give this a try, we each hooked and landed two fish on the fly. (the guy with the dog was Dave Winter's) From then on pretty much fished a fly, first trip to the Kispiox in 1978 on the ferry from Rupert to Port Hardy.

Had some GREAT fishing in my time on the north island, saw some huge trees before they were logged walking to the Nimpkish to fish winter runs in November. We left Port Hardy in 81 (had gotten married and had two kids by then as well) and moved to Cranbrook. I was to be a whole new experience fishing, casting a 9 weight in a quite bay with other boats close by can have a good outcome, they all left but the fish never came back.

Since then I have learned a great deal, shared information, worked as a assistant guide for a local fly shop for a half dozen years. Fishing has been a huge part of my life, it was my escape for many years, I know it will continue to be so, I have recently retired. I still make my way to the north coast in the fall but love fishing for cutthroat in mid summer when the hatch's are consistent.

Also have a dog (Springer) that loves fishing as much as I do, I think she gets up with the attitude that "this is the best day of her life" good attitude to have. The only competition I want when I am is fishing is with the fish. Like the site and the openness of sharing of information I will hopefully add something of value.

Fly Fishing General Discussions / fly rod innovation
« on: December 18, 2012, 06:46:54 PM »
I will post the link to the video and the link to the company separate, somebody thinking out of the box.      the video and the company,

here is another link that shows a video being used to interest new investors, it show what the technology is that makes these rods different, I in no way have any part in this company, not sure it is inappropriate or not, if it is moderators please remove.

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