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No teams are listed yet, I am a lonely angler looking to make it to the Championships.
Anyone need a fifth?

Cheers, Claude

You go Brain! 😉

Hello, I've been back in Canada for a week now and had some time to reflect on my first World Championships. Team Canada prepared as well as it could without pre-fishing the venues. This is of course a disadvantage when European teams have the opportunity to practice on the waters regularly and come to the comp prepared with flies, tactics, and already have an idea of where the fish will hold.

We had help from two amazing local fellows and hired a very good guide as well. This gave us some local knowledge and local flies to start with. Practice went well, we managed to get our flies in order and catch fish in waters similar to what comp water should be. We also checked out competition beats to get an idea of what to expect.

The opening ceremonies where impressive and the opening banquet a very well catered affair.

Then the comp was upon us, we were as ready as we could expect to be with only a few days on water in the area. I know everyone of us fished hard and had good flies. We scoured the river waters diligently for Fario and Marble trout. As is typical of competition, the beat draws did influence the results.

My first two beats were rather long, took time to cover properly, and yielded few fish. I was fortunate to land one Fario on Cornisello lake and had another but it was foul hooked. There were several blanks on the lake and it got tougher as the comp progressed with fish out of casting range and many more blanked sessions.
On the last day of my morning session I drew a nice enough beat and made a tactical error, on previous days once the sun started hitting the water trout were looking up and many were caught on dry droppers and dry flies. Unfortunately, once the sun hit the better area of my beat, the trout migrated to up and down river beats in fast pocket water. I managed one Fario early on behind a boulder, had a large marble bury itself in tall weeds before spitting out the hook,  and two others use my legs as a current break before taking off at warp speed up river. On my last session I got a beat which had given a maximum of four trout to other anglers. I spent 20 minutes trying to entice a couple of nice marble trout to the streamer only to have one follow and leave and the other just staying put but having none of this. Everyone before me caught trout in skinny water with size 18 and 20 nymphs. I decided to hunt the edges were there were some deeper depressions and many overhanging branches. I went to a single heavy fly, bow and arrow casts, sneaking my nymph under rock ledges and undercut banks, and started catching fish. I caught 7 Fario's, with 5 only of scoreable size. The beat above me produced only one fish while the beats below seemed to hold many more fish in pocket water.

All in all this was an amazing experience. Our team got along well and we had a great time. My results were disappointing, but I know I gave it my all, adapted when I had to and fished all my beats hard and smart. One can't really ask for more than that.

I want to thank my Team Canada partners, Ionut Cotinghi, Calin Lumperdean, Jeremiah Hamilton, and Josh Gelinas for some very fun times on and off the water. Your dedication to fly fishing and the professionalism you showed and maintained throughout the competition was exemplary.  It was an honor to fish with you guys and I look forward to the opportunity to do so again in the future.

Best regards, Claude 

Crap, I missed this... put team Trout Bums on the waiting list I guess. Sorry guys.

Hello! Email sent, please add the Trout Bums to the list of competitors. We look forward to another excellent tournament!

Peter Morrison, David Heine, Mark Feldberg, Colette Stroud and I are really looking forward to another amazing tourney!

Congrats to the medalists, special mention to Ricky Ozmar who had never fished that tivet and finished in second place! Whoohoo!

Hello, trout the trout bums now have a full team. See all of you soon!

Fly Fishing Canada News / Re: 2016 Fly Fishing Canada AGM Cancellation
« on: September 23, 2016, 04:04:16 PM »
More time for drinking Scotch. The might just not reach as high a level is all.

Looks like we'll have a great time! these are awesome venues!

Where is the banquet and closing ceremonies being held?

Haha, that was awesome Johnnydumbfounded! I was having a good chuckle watching you look over your shoulder wondering who was beaking you...

And a bunch of trout bums will take the trophy! :)

Is Eastern Canada considered International! 😜

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