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Fly Fishing General Discussions / Re: Problem with tippet ring knots
« on: August 09, 2018, 06:57:33 AM »
I had a few problems with improved clinch knots at the sighter/tippit connecter.  Solved the problem in two ways.  Now I tie "double" clinch for line to sighter ring, both sides, and also "double" clinch for the sighter/tippit connections, then a simple 5 or 6 turn clinch at the fly (so this is lost first).  The biggest problem with fluorocarbon knots is the propensity to heat up and weaken when tightened dry.  So I wet (spit) all my knots and tighten slowly, making sure neither end has any slack.  Works like a charm and I fish fairly light gear for Pinks (up to 6-7 lbs) and Sockeye (up to 10lbs) - now all I lose are flies!!!!   with my eyes I don't want to have to re-tie in sighters and/or new tippits  and/or rings on the water - a few flies are worth the finicky tying of your line/sighter/tippit connections.   If any fluorocarbon knot "slips" it will heat up and give out, leaving a clean break, if you get a curl on the end, you need to do one or more turns and - TIGHTEN, slowly and wet........Tight lines....

Rivers and Stream Fly Fishing / Re: Euro nymph summer/fall steelhead
« on: October 07, 2017, 05:16:18 PM »
Chris - may I suggest a soft tip 7wt such as the one I use for Pinks and Sockeye  (tight line nymphing) - an older Sage SLT 10'. An SP would be similar.  I also use a Mystic 6wt (10' 3"). Most Steelhead (5-8lb) don't put up any more fight than a 6lb Pink and nowhere near a 7-8lb Sockeye.  I make a point of only fishing for steelies where I can follow them downstream - where they usually head. Good luck - think egg flies and even caddis pupae (white or olive on the Island).  Good luck and good fishing.  Just don't play the hell out of them - which is what Andy is suggesting - especially when the water is warmer and contains so much less oxygen. 

Todd - no boat - but do have a nice para-drogue - looking for a partner with a boat....

Stillwater Fly Fishing / Re: making a loop on lake lines
« on: August 14, 2017, 12:34:47 PM »
Here are the two different loops, with tippit rings.  One (green) is hand-done with thread and uv cure.  The second is done using RIO heat shrink, new "in touch" line and a heat gun, you need only 400 degrees to do this.

Stillwater Fly Fishing / Re: making a loop on lake lines
« on: August 14, 2017, 12:10:49 PM »
Just fold the tip back to form the size loop you want (plus an inch or so extra).  Trim the tip with a razor blade on a 45 degree angle.  Then just whip it with some  unwaxed thread (I use Gudebrod 6/0 Lt olive). Wrap it tight and work close to the thumb and finger of your "holding" hand. Start at the right and work back to and carefully over the tapered part, back to where the loop starts and then put a loop of thread facing toward the reel in, wrap 10 or more wraps, put through the loop and pull it fwd an cut.  Now all you have to do is use some UV cure and harden it well.   I use the thin Loon UV cure liquid, paint the wrapping lightly until it is well soaked, hit it with a short burst from your UV light, give it another light coat and hit it with a long burst from your UV light.  I then put it out in the sun for an hour or so, and its ready for use the next day.  Works well, very strong, fairly flexible as well.  I now put a 3mm tippit ring in the loop prior to wrapped and wrap tight against the ring and this leaves a very small loop/wrapping and a nice little ring to tie your leader to.  No more need to tie loops in your leader materiel and the knot (I use a double clinch) is must stronger than the old loop to loop connection and doesn't tear the loop in the fly line.    If you use the new RIO In Touch lines, you can get their heat shrink and with a heat gun, can make a very professional loop , including a small one with a tippit ring.  I'll post a pic of such a setup in a minute.

Todd.   I can help with the youth  fly-tying tying or casting clinics.

Todd,   Regretfully,  I will have to drop out of the river comp.  I've talked to Matt yesterday and he doesn't think it will be a problem to fill my slot (very small slot).  Had a great time with Matt on Harmon lake Sunday - very tough venue......

My favourite whine during the Nationals was -  booooo hooooo,  where the heck are all the Rainbows???? :'(

Matt - I have a para drogue I will bring.... 8)

Will supply and use own.  Spare minn-kota type will be used by team.

Looks like Stanton and I are looking for a boat, AND, three guys with boats are looking for a partner.  So, Matt D.  how about taking me on???  Matt M. or Brian D. could pick up Stanton???  Just a proposed solution to an ongoing conundrum...... :D

Great diary Todd and a great team.  I should do the diary thing as well - just too mentally lazy-or too wrapped up in tying flies after hours.

Thanks John.  I'll hold off a bit, until you decide. ;D
And thanks also Todd - I thought it was your old boat.....

Thought it was about the size of Mill.  But Hoooorah- I've got a 4HP Yamaha that will be slow, but faster than an electric.

Todd, If you can bring your spare boat???  Stanton and I would like to pair up.  I'll bring my own battery...    See you in Manitoba.   Peter

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