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Congrats to the Oishi's & team S.I. for great team work and top finishes. :) Also to Todd for the double gold and Brian danklenuts fish slayer!! :D Also congrats to the lovely women that showed up and kicked some butt. Very impressed!! ;)
Thanks Brian and Bobby for roasting your wieners always a hit  8) and to Mike & Todd the # crunchers.  ;)


Thank you all for all the support!! It was a great time, great venues and a top 20 for me which was what I set out to do. Best part was after 3 sessions sitting in 5th place I knew I had a shot but my luck ran out on South twin lake. Not for a lacking of trying though. I had 3 undersized fish, lost two keepers on a long line release and many hits that never converted. I went over everything I did and was happy I didn't leave anything in the bag. I had a good last session on Lava and went home with new friends, great memories and a big smile.  ;) :D


Thanks guys for your best wishes and the tips and notes. I am super stoked, even a little nervous, but this will be a great learning experience and I hope to show well. Packing my Caesar mix as we speak  8). Just kidding  ;D ;D


p.s our 3 other teammates - one is a fly fishing guide from San Diego and twins from the town of Bend! We are team #10

Stillwater Fly Fishing / Re: Sayres lake
« on: May 17, 2018, 02:06:44 PM »
Used to have lunkers in there. Not sure about now. Randy Paskall is the man to ask. He use to fish it.


Sounds great. Lets hope it goes through!

Surprised they only have 4 competitors per team?


Stillwater Competition Angling Discussions / Re: Full sinking line
« on: May 11, 2018, 07:32:38 AM »
I have the Airflo type 7 six sense line and I have used it on my 5 wt. But I am using my Z-axis which is a fast action rod and strong enough to cast it. A medium to soft 5wt might feel a little under gunned. I would purchase a 6wt rod for comps unless you are fishing tiddlers(go lighter - 5wt) . When or if you need a new line you can buy 5/6 wt and use it on both rods to keep the $$ down as not everyone can afford all the lines and all the rods.


I am shocked! I told Tina I might be lucky to get 5th with all the big #'s in the afternoon. Some really good fishing by a lot of people. Congrats to you all! Ken and I were talking about how everyone was approaching it differently. Great to see everyone having a good time, beautiful weather and some good eats (thanks Brian & Bobby).
Good job by my partner Ken as well. We stuck with our plan, maybe even waivered about going in a different direction but we stuck it out. If any of you have never met or talked to Ken please do! He is a wealth of information when it comes to fishing lakes and a great guy to chat with.


A great weekend for the Kingfishers!

Congrats Kevin, Jon and Lance!

Hey Kay

Reach out to Aggie. She is looking for a partner. She is super nice and a great angler!

Johnnyplentyoffish ;D

Fly Fishing General Discussions / Re: Nymphing Fly Line Setup
« on: May 04, 2018, 10:05:53 AM »
I use the Echo Shadow II 3wt and I love it. You will too. I didn't buy the extension and probably won't as it works fine for me. I unlike a lot of the guys here use a vest. I can pack everything with me and is right there with all pockets on it.


Tina and myself will be volunteering too!  :)


Congrats to everyone that completed this marathon. Big water, big boulders & big beats make today a sore day for most. But man was it a nice day(the two old people can attest for that ;D)! There was a smorgasbord of food for the fish as caddis, mays, stoneflies, midges and fry were all out there. Still kinda baffled though as the #'s of fish especially rainbows are down, considering how perfect the water conditions were yesterday ???

Good people, good laughs and good times! ;)


The river is on the drop and heard it has almost 3' of visibility. There are some showers for Friday night and Saturday morning but the temps are cooler which means snow at higher elevation unlike last time. I will report river conditions again on Saturday afternoon.

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A WHISTLE!!! Is that loud enough for you?

There are white water sections on that river that you simply cannot hear a human voice so make it easy for yourself and have a whistle.


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