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March 19, 2012, 05:37:25 PM
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I am Dan. DanJohn on the other sites. Thank you to Todd and Chris for this new site. Looking forward to the format of it and learning more about Fly Fishing.

I am a baby angler. Only been at it half a year, and only brought in a handful of fish. I learn more every day on different sites, and everyday Im out on the water. I currently have a 5wt setup, and am playing with different weights of fly and leader to get to where the fishies sit. I have not done very much stillwater fishing because of a lack of floatation device. As such, I also like smaller rivers, creeks, and streams. Wading and having the water flowing around you really puts me in the mindset of being one with the fish and the enviroment. I know one day Ill turn into a stillwater junkie and love being on the boat, but while I am at my youngest, my rivers are a great place to be! Looking forward to the upcoming season, and my first fish on a dry fly! I was trying to trick cut throat with a dry, but they were having no part of it. Every day I get to go out, I find myself having more and more fun. Im not sure if its because Ive been catching, not just fishing, or if the knowledge that is accumulating is making me feel less ridiculous, but my enjoyment hasnt plateaued yet.

Thanks for another great resource guys!


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