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Vance Whitley
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Canadian Youth National Fly Fishing Team Assistant Coach

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March 15, 2012, 04:00:11 PM
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I was introduced to competitive fly fishing by Todd Oishi who promised me that I would learn more in one year competing then 5 years on my own.
So at the begining of 2012 I entered my first real competition.
The NALS with around 60 people. Nothing like just easing in. :)
That truly was the turning point in my fly fishing.
I fish rivers and lakes with lakes being my preference.
I have been on a number of teams and enjoyed my experience with them all.
In 2014 I was invited by Team Mustang to attend the Canadian National Fly Fishing Championship.
In 2014 I accepted an invitation to help with the Canadian Youth Fly Fishing Team as an Assistant Coach.
Working with the Youth Team has given me a lot of satisfaction from watching these young men grow in there angling abilities.
Sure makes me wish I had started that young in the competitive scene.

2012 Trojan Pond Fundraiser - 8th Place (Individual)  
2012 Trojan Pond Fundraiser - Bronze Medal (Team)
2012 Summer Series Loch-Style - 5th (Individual)
2012 Summer Series Loch-Style - Bronze Medal (Team)
2013 Summer Series Loch-Style - Silver Medal (Individual)
2013 Summer Series Loch-Style - Gold Medal (Team)
2013 Trojan Pond Fundraiser  - Top Ten Individual
2013/14 BC Provincial River F.F.C. - 6th Individual
2014 North American Loch-Style - 8th Individual
2014 BC Provincial Loch-Stle F.F.C. - 5th Individual
2014 Canadian National F.F.C. - Silver Medal (Individual)
2014 Canadian National F.F.C. - Silver Medal (Team)
2014/15 BC Provincial River F.F.C. - Silver Medal (Team)
2015 BCFROA Fly Fishing Competition - Biggest Fish
2015 BCFROA Fly Fishing Competition - Team Biggest 3 Fish
2015 North American Loch-Style Championship - 13th Individual
2015 Chilliwack River Challenge - Silver Medal (Individual)
2015 Chilliwack River Challenge - Gold Medal (Team)
2015 Trojan Pond Fundraiser - 9th Individual

All fishermen are liars except you and me,
and I'm not to sure about you... - unknown

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July 13, 2020, 11:55:24 AM

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