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Todd spared us and gave us an extra 30 mins for grub  ;) :)

Lots of funny faces and wow this ain't easy looks too


Unless the water warms up the "east" will be the "beast"!!

That was some nasty wind winds for sure. I have been colder there in other comps(cold rainy) but easier to fish with less wind. I was fortunate that my game plan worked out and had a good morning. I knew the East side was going to be slow(but not THAT slow) and a few fish might be caught. Congrats to Clint to find the few there and anyone else that even had a hit over there. What boggles me was how the afternoon shutoff on the westside. So many good rods had a tough go but when the fish aren't aggressive and that wind is pounding hard it just makes things really tough.
Just think how many hits we all had and didn't even know?

Thank you Todd (good to see you are human ;D) Brian, Marty and Bobby for setting everything up and thanks to Paul & Cindy for a tasty lunch! ;)

And congrats to all.... to come out and brave the elements have some laughs and joking around even though the fishing was less than stellar. That is what these get together' s  are all about :)


Im in!

No fishing date should be Feb 28th ;)


Sorry about that it does sound wrong as we were just joking around. And NO you cannot fish the spawning channel on the East side below the dam. There are no fishing boundaries on that channel.


Can I use bait?

Anything you want!  ;D

See you on Sunday ;)


Clint you get from the closed spawning channel on the east side  ;D ;D

Hi Todd

Please put me down thanks

littleJohnny ;D

Team Lunkwa (Johnny & Woody), have all the fixin's.


Johnny and Woody(Ken Woodward) will be in attendance for this one. We have all the goodies  ;) ;D

Team Lunkwa

Analyze This... / Re: If this was your beat (#1)
« on: January 26, 2018, 02:18:33 PM »
Okkkk... Well the two best river rods I know answered this one pretty thoroughly. Doesn't leave much for us peasant's. :-\


I would like to personally thank every one of you that helped out in any way last year with all the events that were hosted. Obviously too many names to mention, so a big shout out ;) :)


Ok then... Weaver doesn't look so good  :-[

Whonnock would be my other vote, anything but Buntzen ;D


Well... considering we are just back from the NALS in the interior my choice for a local venue would be Weaver lake. It has a boat launch, is a decent size lake and plenty of fish in it. I know Chris fished it last spring maybe he could let us know if it is a viable venue and meets our needs.


30 days :o ::)


All good points Johny, and thanks for sharing your take on it. Believe me, I'm all for exploring, but I guess what I'm missing here is "why" the two week no fishing. How will that make things more fair for out of town competitors?  Also, when you refer to numbers do you mean more new anglers joining and competing? If that's the case, I think extending no fishing periods may discourage new comers. Anglers like myself joined because they love getting out there and hitting the water.  Telling interested anglers you can't fish a system for two weeks seems a little backwards to me.

Anyway, with all that said above I don't mean to be difficult and start arguements. Simply sharing my thoughts on it, and perhaps my lack of understanding on the new rule. If this is the new norm, then so be it. Either way I'm in.. And yes Johny, let's totally go steelheading hunting this early Spring. That sounds like a blast :)

Cheers! StantonifIhadadollarforeverytimesomeonecalledmeJack

Sounds good Jack! Now we gotta straighten out this Stanton guy ;D ;D


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