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That is sad to hear  :(. I feared this last year when it was pretty evident that there were not many fish in the lake. Such a well organized event for a great cause but it is hard to bring people to a fishing derby when there are hardly any fish to catch. I'm HOPE this is a big wake up call to H.V.C. to get this lake back to where it needs to be and to stay on top of it. It has always been one of my favorite weekends of the year as we always have a great group of friends that always attend and have the best time. :)

Lets hope it is a go for next year!


I will send up a big bottle so everyone can lather up, be protected, smell great and catch many thirsty fish! 8) :D


Good luck to everyone! Wish I could be there :'( Kills me to miss any comp.


Looks like all the coaches will be there

I love it all! When I go out I usually have 4-5 rods set up with different lines, flies to match those lines and retrieves ready to go. Even the floating with an indicator I have a few different retrieves to keep me interested and focused.

Packed and ready for Leighton tomorrow. A full moon and some unsettled weather will make it a challenge for sure.


Rivers and Stream Fly Fishing / Re: Bucket List Rivers...
« on: May 16, 2019, 10:21:11 AM »
One of those remote rivers in Alaska!


That's a great (and fitting) name choice, Johnny!

In the spirit of your actions... Finnley and my team is "Chuck and Duck"! At this time, I'm not exactly sure who will be who...

 ;D ;D

Hi Todd

Our team name is Beauty and the Beast! 

Rochelle wants to be a beast on the water and me...... I'm a beauty 8) ;D


Glad to hear that Johnny! I'll be teaming up with Finnley Goodliffe of the Youth Team!

Should be a fun event for all!!

That is great Todd! Finnley gets to fish with Canada's best what a thrill for him!


I will be teaming up with Rochelle Helstrom for this one.


The way you guys are acting      you make me look like an adult.........

    And i'll be fishing with Bill Sawchuck

Ok Yoda! ;D


Lol!  Yeah, I don't have a costume for that...  :)  But that would be hilarious!

I could donate a pair of cinnamon buns and a white sheet if that would work... ;) ;D ;D

OMG... I would be all over Chris, nom noming his cinnamon bon bons :D


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