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The way you guys are acting      you make me look like an adult.........

    And i'll be fishing with Bill Sawchuck

Ok Yoda! ;D


Lol!  Yeah, I don't have a costume for that...  :)  But that would be hilarious!

I could donate a pair of cinnamon buns and a white sheet if that would work... ;) ;D ;D

OMG... I would be all over Chris, nom noming his cinnamon bon bons :D


Sounds great!

The closing ceremonies are on the Sunday, is that correct?


She'll be ice free for the event Todd

Next time a little more tying and a little less talking & laughing  ::) ;D


I will be there too Todd


Rivers and Stream Fly Fishing / Re: Feel vs. See
« on: February 07, 2019, 06:34:29 AM »
Some great points everyone. So yes Gord you have the god given gift.... so practice, practice, practice  :D


Rivers and Stream Fly Fishing / Re: Feel vs. See
« on: February 05, 2019, 07:55:51 AM »
A little of both. For me it comes down to how well or how tight I am fishing that day or piece of water for that moment. When casting up river the tighter I am, faster into the drift, the more takes you feel and receive through the sighter. Sometimes when you cast up river depending on current and structure it can take more or less time to get tight. This is the critical time to get the slack out. Too much slack - no detection on the sighter or feel. Once tight and coming towards you and beside you it is mostly sighter and some feel. This is where top rods do better than the average rod. Why? Unless you are drifting completely off the bottom, you are touching rocks here and there on a drift. Rocks will move your sighter just like a light hit. But a good angler will know the difference in the feel of a bite or tap, to a rock. Some say it out loud, others keep it in and some just smile. You reset make the same drift and when it gets close to the "spot" you look for and hinge in the sighter or that touch you had in the last drift that alerted you and set the hook quickly. We all have sighters and we all stare and watch them for the whole day and we get good at reading them but the guy who has the spidey sense to the lightest of takes..... has the feel.


Johnny Whitefish is in

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