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Hi all,

Quick introduction here, I found this forum while trying to find the owner of a fly rod I found buried in a river somewhere that will remain otherwise undisclosed to the world wide web. You all likely know the story by now, one of the members had an unfortunate series of events transpire when he asked the river to hold his rod for him while he untangled himself from a tree branch, well the river took off with it while he wasn't looking...several months later, I picked it up. (glad to be there for you Vance.)

So a quick blurb about me.

 I'm in my 40's, hold a Science degree out of the University of British Columbia in Life Sciences and Earth and Ocean sciences, I have worked in cancer research now for the better part of the last 5 yrs, specifically transgenics and stem cell research. Chances are since I have to continue working for a living, this will likely be my career now unless I somehow win the lottery and move on to a full time career fishing. I'm married to a lovely woman who lets me fish as much as I want, and I own a home in a quiet suburb...But that's not what's really important...

I'm a live, eat, and breath fishing fanatic, and I enjoy fishing fly and gear... (I know, I know, the gear part not quite congruent with the theme of this site, I like to diversify skill set whenever possible, please accept that fault and move on!)

I've been fishing all my life, and I know a lot of people count all those years from when they were 3 yrs old when mom or dad were mostly doing the fishing for them, I don't really. I think of my fishing experience as beginning from the time I started driving even though I had been fishing long before that. This way I can actually say I had some clue what I was doing already by then, rather than counting all those years when the learning curve was at its steepest.

One thing you will likely come to realize about me is I place a very high priority on ethics. I believe there are standards of conduct on our rivers and lakes regardless of those around you and I feel very strongly about how we as fishermen interact with the resources we use and how we conduct ourselves when out on the water. I'm quite a stickler for rotational angling and respecting those around you, and I don't suffer the arrogant lout or pretentious type very well at all. Fishing is everything to me and what I value most are those people who respect and appreciate the pastime and its traditions as much as I do.

My preferred species to hunt on the fly are Summer Run Steelhead, Coho, Cutthroat and 'bows and aside from the very rare gear trip for coho, I hunt all these species exclusively with a fly rod in my hand. I fish single hander and two hander, but prefer the single hander myself. If you ever see a pic of me with a fish I will be looking at it and not the camera, I can't help it, they're just so damned beautiful I can't seem to take my eye off of them until I finish watching them swim away safely to fight another day.

Anyways...Looking forward to all that this site has to offer, seems like a great group of guys here.



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