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Fly Fishing General Discussions / Re: Knots
« Last post by Graham Byrnes on Today at 05:25:55 PM »
Is a picture enough? Its very similar to the surgeons just wrapped differently
I totally agree, Graham! The Hare's Ear has worked in every country that I've tried it. The same can be said of most variations of the Pheasant Tail Nymph. They are both "go to patterns" in my books!
Fly Fishing General Discussions / Re: Knots
« Last post by Todd Oishi on Today at 04:14:30 PM »
Do you have a link to the J Knot, Graham?
Fly Fishing General Discussions / Re: Problem with tippet ring knots
« Last post by Todd Oishi on Today at 04:13:41 PM »
I have been lucky so far, but have heard of others with the same problem, Graham. I'd telling hate to lose a trophy fish or fish that could make the difference in my end result!
I have had a couple of batches of bad tippet rings in the past with sharpish edges or faults...  With bad ring you may be able to feel that they dont seem right when you pull up the knot- They dont feel "slippery"
Fly Fishing General Discussions / Re: Knots
« Last post by Graham Byrnes on Today at 02:39:16 PM »
Ive been using the J knot a lot lately and certainly find it more reliable than a standard surgeons knot (tippet to dropper connection)
In our (i think) low population/ wild fish streams with often low flows i think that flies are very important a large percentage of days, But i dont think that pattern is as important as size, "shade" or contrast (hotspot can be part of this) .. Im a big believer in hare's ear variation patterns and think that they will always fish well if i consider the previous..
One of our famous rivers (Goulburn River) is famous for being fantastic flyfishing for only a small part of our trout season.. It is a tailwater and irrigation releases see massive water flows and large water to fish ratios for a great part of our season :( .. I always prefer to Euro nymph when possible but swinging wets/ nymphs in these conditions can turn a very average day into a great one (mainly due to water coverage)... Swinging on a standard Euro leader can work but a standard line (ie WF3F) gives a much wider radius. I basically use level tippet from the end of the flyline to help with sinkrate, the floating line allows a better idea of where my fly is and can be curved on the water to lift the fly in the "right place"..
Although I'm drifting off the topic slightly, (HeHe)
I hired the services of Martin Droz back in November, i spent a day with him Euro nymphing with across and down/ downstream techniques my No.1 priority. Since then i have spent a lot of time practicing this and (as the topic of this thread suggests) working back down runs fishing downstream.

My findings have been positive on some days but to me it really depends on the water mainly depth/ water clarity.

Strangely enough i just happened to run into Martin on a small Tasmanian stream last week, I was telling him that i hadnt had any success fishing down across/ down on that day and had only been catching fish upstream with stealth (i figured the super clear shallow water was putting off the fish downstream) .. He's tells me Later on that day (via internet) that he caught lots fishing across/ down on the same day (and he had two clients so im sure he wasn't as stealthy as me).. He's obviously a master and I'm far behind in skill level and technique but definitely food for thought :)
Rivers and Stream Fly Fishing / Re: Feel vs. See
« Last post by Graham Byrnes on January 19, 2019, 07:49:31 PM »
This is a fairly "hotly" debated subject and nice to see other respected anglers also favoring sight.. 
Personally i think sight is No.1 upstream most of the time.

-maintaining a tight line smoothly upstream is not always easy to do (for me anyway) without pulling
As the fly gets nearer to across a tight line is much easier to maintain.

-In general my attempts to "feel" fish when fishing up/up and across have been disappointingly frustrating with most felt takes actually being felt misses! And i often wonder if the tight line restricts the fishes ability to actually "taste" the fly?? I think the only ones i have felt and landed so far have been felt "hookups"

Of course as the fly swings around at the bottom of a drift we have a very tight line and it becomes all feel, seems to me they hook themselves (and not very reliably :) )

I would love to hear more on this discussion, Id love to think there is a way i can reliably "sense" more takes! (ive been flyfishing for 40years BTW)
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