Author Topic: Imperial Metals tailings pond failure  (Read 905 times)

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Imperial Metals tailings pond failure
« on: August 12, 2014, 02:04:08 PM »
Sadly I am concerned that no one is discussing this truly horrible story of political and industrial mishap. The release of the tailings has devastated many tributaries and could possibly obliterate any fish life in once pristine waters. Political involvement in the aftermath is trying to keep the true results of water tests out of the public eye. Stephen Harper and his following destroyed any effectiveness of the DFO by cutting staff. Canadians continue to be blindsided by government pretending to make laws that protect fish, wildlife, and environment but cut enforcement staff to the point of ineffectiveness. The BC premiere continues to avoid the issue as it will have direct impacts on her pipeline dreams. The Athabasca river was exposed to Coal tailings in fall of 2013 after a Sherritt retention pond failed. There was a toxic plume 114 km long. There are numerous tailing ponds in the Fort Mcmurray area of AB that are only meters from the bank of the same river. There are numerous mining operations in crucial headwaters across Canada that are not being properly monitored. We need more provincial and federal environmental staff to ensure the same mistakes are not made. This is not an attack of the mining industry but a reminder to both management and government, that our land and water sustain us and without it were dead. While a paycheque is crucial it should not buy inaction or silence.  There are small pockets of people taking action against this. What are you doing to ensure your water or favourite fishery is not next on the hit list?
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