Author Topic: Big thanks and plug for a couple of great businesses  (Read 1033 times)

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Big thanks and plug for a couple of great businesses
« on: January 05, 2015, 07:25:38 PM »
So, once more I zigged when I should have zagged and put a pretty interesting 'texture' in the front 1/4 panel of the van. Well, to be honest I creamed it.
Basically I forgot about a post I was beside (a huge YELLOW one at that) and dialed over backing out and crunch.
Now having an open claim for another incident where a lady side swiped me it became time to get that and my mistake corrected and as always time is of the essence being as this is my living/shop expedience is key.
Having dealt with Todd on a few other occasions and receiving top notch service then I of course called him. he did a search on the claim I had running, dealt with that AND gave me a great deal on my own foul up.
In and out in under 48 hours. Dropped off at 10AM the 30th and back driving it at 5PM the 31st.

Another good experience I had was when a guy whipped by me in a left turn lane and took out my van mirror. I called Vance at his shop and he told me to bring it in. I did so and he ordered everything under the sun to ensure it was only going to take one more visit (again time is of the essence when it's business) and true to his word the very next day I rolled into his shop, they went through the various mirrors they brought in (which was a good thing as some were close but only 1 was 'right') and fitted the correct one in. Done in 15 minutes flat including paying.
I call that doing business the way I do and because people appreciate it from me, I appreciate it from others who simply do their jobs professionally and well.


Classic Image Auto Body and Coquitlam Broco Auto Glass get my business and you should bring 'em yours too. Tell 'em Floon sent ya. ;)

Edit: That Coquitlam Broco is in Mapleridge is my only complaint! ;D :D :o

Thanks guys much appreciated. :)
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