Author Topic: Tampa Bay/Sarasota Bay Report 9-2015  (Read 726 times)

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Tampa Bay/Sarasota Bay Report 9-2015
« on: September 15, 2015, 04:53:18 AM »
The rainy days of July and August are beginning to be a thing of the past. The first "cold" front has finally come through. The low tides in Tampa Bay are finally getting lower and sight casting on fly conditions are slowly getting better. Water clarity is still an issue as there is still runoff from the wet summer as well as heightened water temperatures.

Water clarity in northern Sarasota Bay is much better and sight casting redfish, snook, and trout is really starting to take off. The area receives a huge intake of clean water from Longboat Pass and the mouth of Tampa Bay, so the last part of outgoing and the first part of incoming tides are prime times to sight cast on fly.

Small shrimp and crab patterns are always going to get their share of hits when working tailing or "belly-crawling players." When blind casting mangrove shorelines on the upper part of tides, EP bait fish flies and foam head sliders or gurglers provide exciting action.

Stealth is key, as these fish are under constant pressure, so working areas with a push pole is a must if you really want to close the distance to your targets. 7-9 weight gear with 12 to 20 pound tippets are the standard, with 30 or 40 pound bite tippets being necessary around mangroves or docks.

As we get further into the fall, the action and conditions will only improve. The target for the kickoff of the redfish on fly season, for me, is the low tides occurring in the 2nd and 3rd weeks of October. There's plenty of other opportunities out there between now and then, however, so get out there and throw the fly!




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