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Gear to maximize efficiency while on the water
« on: May 12, 2018, 10:26:40 AM »
I've been thinking about writing an article aimed at casual angler and beginner competition anglers about Maximizing Efficiency while on the water. The first part will be about how to choose and rig various gear that helps make the most of our time on the river. If anyone would like to share, tips, gear tricks, or what they take with them on the river and why it would be most appreciated.

Ill start;

For me as a casual angler that is always looking to catch more fish, I tend to travel light. My wading kit is designed with the following criteria:

- versatility, I fish everything from remote jungles, to small Ontario river, to CXI flats. I need gear that works in all conditions.

-lightweight/minimalist, I tend to cover a lot of ground and sometimes do multiple days in the bush. I like to keep my day kit nice and light but still have everything I need.

- modular, it is important for me to be able to customize my kit for the daily requirements, some equipment needs to serve multiple rolls. I both my sling and pouches at max 2/3 full. That way I always have room if i need to carry additonal stuff or take off a jacket/sweater.

- I need to be able to carry all the gear I need for a full day on the water including the following: camera, spare battery, (sometime) flash, 1l of water, sandwich, snacks, main fly boxes, dry fly gear, fishing tools, net, spare rod (for longer trips), extra prerigged leader.


- Water proof sling: I personally use the fishpond sling as I really like the durable material it is made out of. Inside I keep my camera which I keep inside a small padded protector. I stuck velcro pads to the inside of my sling and to the padded camera protector to keep it in place. I also have more than enough room for snacks, water, 3 large fly boxes (nymphs, drys, and "others"), leader material (maxima spools etc, extra tippet spools), wallet/cellphone/keys. The sling also has a holder for a spare rod tube and multiple attachment points. I like to keep the top of my net hooked with a magnetic release to the top of the sling, then i have a retractible leash attached to the bottom sling strap which is attached to the bottom of my net. This keeps the net out of the way when hiking through the bush, out of the water when wading deep, and the handle easy to grab with my left hand while fighting fish.

I keep my main tippet spools attached to the front strap using a paracord tippet lanyard/holder. I have a replaceable wine cork on the bottom which i used as a fly patch. I also have a snap with tippet rings attached this lanyard/holder. For tippet I use frog hair as the spools are small and less bulky.

- I have a small molle pouch that I attach to my front strap above my tippet holder/lanyard that carries all my quick excess items. I mixed silicone with thinner and coated it so that the pouch is almost completely waterproof.  It has a pen holder where I keep thermostats and a small thermometer. A cellphone holder where I keep an Iphone sized fly box that I put all my go to flies for that day. Some times ill toss in my mini bead box if im steelheading aswell.

The pouch has two pockets, one is where I keep all my, soft weight, splitshot, dry fly floatants, snake mud, hook file and indicators. In the other pocket I keep 2 foam pads with prerigged tippet and flies. Usually 4 two fly nymph rigs for different depths, 2  single bead rigs, 2 single small dry fly rigs, and 2 dropper rigs, 2 long weighted nymph rigs that I can attach indicators to for deep drifts.

Ill include some pictures of the sling, camera padding and pouch. The camera padding and pouch can be found on amazon.

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Re: Gear to maximize efficiency while on the water
« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2018, 03:02:12 PM »
I've always thought of myself when fishing rivers (or bank fishing in general) as sort of a 'mobile island', and gear myself appropriately.  You have to carry everything with you and most often you can't leave to get something else... like being on a stranded island.  So maximize that stuff efficiently.

It's nice to be modular so that you can scale up or down to suit the waters you are fishing.  Definitely agree with your points here.
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Re: Gear to maximize efficiency while on the water
« Reply #2 on: June 27, 2018, 08:32:09 AM »
ghillie, thank you for sharing.....
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