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    • North American Loch-Style Fly Fishing Championship

Date: Sunday, April 14, 2019
Location: Location to be shared via private emails.
Entry Fees: $15.00 (2019 Fly Fishing Canada Membership Card Holder Discounted Rate: $10.00)
Number of Sessions: 2 sessions (3 hours of fishing per session).
Eligible fish species: Whitefish, Cutthroat and Rainbow Trout.
Scoring system: 1 point per fish.
Number of Participants: 16; 18; or 20 competitors maximum
Number of Groups: 3 or 4 groups, competitors will fish in groups of 4; 5; or 6 (dependant on the number of competitors).

Registration for this event opens at 6:00pm on March 1, 2019
Registration is accepted on a first come, first served basis. Early registrations will not be accepted.
Competitors that are submitting registration must be 100% committed to attending this event!
Competitors must email Todd Oishi at: in order to register for this event.
Please send your registration fee by e-transfers to: or contact Chris Puchniak for his mailing address if you wish to send a cheque or money order (fees are non-refundable)
Registration fees are due in full and must be received by Friday, March 8, 2019 in order to officially complete the registration process and secure your spot for this competition.

No Fishing Period: The competition beats on this venue are closed to fishing for all competitors and their agents as of 6:00am on April 1, 2019.
Competitors are free to fish other sections of the river, but cannot fish the competition beats or have their associates or friends fish them for their gain.

Please note that all competitors are required to wear CSA Approved PFDs and eye protection at all times!!!
Special Wading Restrictions: Competitors are not allowed to wade in water that is greater than 2 feet in depth.

Medals will be awarded to the top 3 individuals.

Individual results will be included on the BCCFFL Leader Board (maximum 600 point scale event).
Fly Fishing Canada= Level 4 Competition. 550 Point Maximum Value (based on average NRPs of the top 5 ranked competitors).

COMPETITION DETAILS (may be amended to suit the number of competitors):
Number of sessions: 2 (AM Session and PM Session).
Length of each session: 3 hours (90 minutes fishing per beat) (dependant on the number of competitors).
Number of River Beats: 8 beats (dependant on the number of competitors).
Beat Divisions: Beats are divided into 3 sections (dependant on the number of competitors).
Competitors rotate to the section downstream of their location within the beat.
Competitors in the bottom section rotates to the top section of the beat.
Competitor positioning within beats: 3 or 4 or competitors per beat (dependant on the number of competitors).
Competitor Rotation: 30 minute rotations within each third of each beat (dependant on the number of competitors).
Beat Relocations: 30 minute time allowance to relocate to the next beat.
Lunch Break: 60 minutes time allowance for lunch break and relocating between sessions.

A draw and matrix will be used to determine competitor rotations and positioning within each beat.
Please post your name on this thread or contact Todd Oishi at: in order to register for this competition.

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Just a friendly reminder to everyone participating in this comp.

If you are planning on buying your FFC membership for 2019 ... please do so before this event to avoid the newly imposed $5 event fee for nonmembers.

READ this thread for details.
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