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Thoughts about selecting National Teams
« on: January 25, 2019, 04:28:41 AM »
I was wondering if selection national teams process could be improved by FFC.

From my experience, a good team need to fish together as much as possible. If the team is selected with only few months prior to the competition, there isn't much time to practice together. So, how about selecting the team more in advanced? This will give more time to the members to know each others strengths and weaknesses and improve individually and as a team. The team members should train together as much as possible.

Also, selected team could do some dry runs by going to Nationals as a team the year before Worlds, or even south of the border, to their Nationals or Regionals (these are 4 members team but will do).

Another point in favor of this could be that the team members might want to fish the competition sectors one year before the Worlds and make plans accordingly.
Now that the team for Tasmania is known, I'm eyeing the next worlds, Finland in 2020.

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Re: Thoughts about selecting National Teams
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2019, 04:44:18 PM »
I think there is always room for improvement.  Every nation 'seems' to handle it a bit different, but preparation does appear to be vital.  I find it hard not to agree.

Selecting a team early accomplishes a lot of what you specify:  team bonding, site visits, team practice, etc...

I think it logically follows that it helps whenever a team has someone visit the area in advance.  If one guy goes, great.  If it is the whole team, even better.  More eyes means more tried options.  Especially if you can't pre-fish the venues.  Also, when you don't have any type of dossier on an area (i.e. your countrymen have never fished the area in past comps), this makes it even more important.  I think we have that issue because we don't pop over to Italy, Spain, France, etc... and such to fish every other weekend like many teams can (exaggerating a bit), nor have we the background of fishing lots of comps in those areas.  For us, we're lucky if anyone has been there.  Most of the time we're flying in blind.

It also helps people plan vacations when they have to submit their vacation time a year in advance (although on the flip side, those in self-employment have a harder time forecasting that far in advance perhaps).

I think the Commonwealth team has gotten in early this year for the selection process, even before the venues have been announced, which is good. 

Finland in 2020 would be great.  I'd love to fish that area, especially because I think the rivers are very similar to my own.

I will fish anywhere and find beauty in it.

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