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2019 British Columbia Fly Fishing League Season Finale and Awards Ceremony

Location: The Ranch Pub & Grill at the Maple Ridge Equestrian Center at 21973 132nd Avenue, Maple Ridge, B.C.
Date: Sunday, November 17, 2019
Time: 12:00pm – 2:00pm

This is an open invitation to all forum members, spouses, friends, family, league members and non-league members. It would be great to have as many of you as possible at this event! So consider this as your invitation to come out to support the youth team members and celebrate the memories and friendships that we've made during the 2018 season, and to recognize the accomplishments of the adult and youth members of the British Columbia Fly Fishing League.

This year has been a great season with many fantastic competitions (and some very challenging ones as well). This season there will have been a total of 8 competitions held within British Columbia (4 rivers and 4 stillwaters), with an total of 87 competitors competing at these competitions and championships.

The results from those competitions have been recorded on the British Columbia Competitive Fly Fishing Leader Board. Medals and trophies will be presented for both the adult and youth categories at the season finale and awards ceremony on Sunday, November 17, 2019.

Here are the categories for this year's awards:

Overall Categories:
• River Champion (highest points earned at river competitions)
• Stillwater Champion (highest points earned at stillwater competitions)
• Largest Catch - Stillwaters (based on the number of fish scored)
• Largest Catch - Rivers (based on the number of fish scored)
• Most Sportsmanlike
• Service Award - Special Presentation

Adult Categories:
• Competitor of the Year (overall champion on the Leader Board)
• Top 3 Adult Competitive Fly Fishers for British Columbia (19 years old and older)
• Female Competitor of the Year
• Rookie of the Year
• Most Improved Competitor (Rivers and Lakes Combined)

Youth Categories:
• Competitor of the Year (overall champion on the Youth Leader Board)
• Top 3 Youth Competitive Fly Fishers for British Columbia (12 – 18 years old)
• Most Improved Competitor (Youth)

Spouses, children and parents, as well as non-league members are invited and most welcome to attend this event. This will provide a great opportunity for your parents, spouses, and children to meet the parents, spouses, and children of your fellow league members and share in some stories of the good times, memories, and friendships that we’ve built over this past season. It’ll also allow them to share the experience and perhaps better understand why we’re so willing to brave the elements, and better understand why we're so passionate (and obsessed) about this great sport!

Please post a reply on this thread or email Todd Oishi at: in order to register for this event (I need an accurate head-count for the booking).

List of registered attendees:
 1.  Todd Oishi
 2.  Robyn Oishi
 3.  Stanton Jack
 4. & 5. Jayson Giasson and Krystal
 6.  Ryland Treloar
 7.  Julie Pool
 8. & 9. Ken and Wendy Woodward
10. Mike Learmonth
11. Callum Learmonth
12. Cathy Learmonth
13.  Brian Danilkiewicz
14. Ryland Treloar
15. Hudson Treloar
16. and 17. Raymond and Julie Pool
18. and 19. John and Tina Wilkinson
20. Chris Puchniak
21. Jason Puchniak

Here's a link to the leader board with the current standings:
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Stanton Jack

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One Stanton Jack will be there, but if a Jack Stanton shows up.. lock the doors!  Looking forward to seeing everyone :)
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John Wilkinson

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One Stanton Jack will be there, but if a Jack Stanton shows up.. lock the doors!  Looking forward to seeing everyone :)

Frickin' love that Jack dude!  ;D

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Jay Giasson

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Oh I'm looking forward to seeing this Jack Stanton guy so count me in and everyone else of course and I'm going to drag krystal with me lol she loves fish talk   8)