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Possum Emerger
« on: January 09, 2020, 03:59:24 PM »

We often don't get access to Possum fur like they have in Tasmania/Australia in general (it is not like North American possums, and Australia is not able to sell it outside of their country - though sources in NZL have a similar product - maybe not as dense - and I believe can export it), but this material allows you to tie wonderful surface patterns, and as the name suggests, good emerger patterns. But the material works for any nymph or dry fly you want to have that floats amazingly well and is durable beyond belief.  In many ways, better than CDC (which sinks a little too easily for some applications) and deer hair (which is far more fragile than the fur).  It is similar to snowshoe hare and seal fur, but easier to work with.

This pattern is suggestive of a mayfly emerger and can be tied in sizes 8-16, depending on if you want it for lakes or rivers.  However, it can be suggestive of anything that struggles in the surface film, or is moving in the top 6 inches of the water.  This is one of those flies that can be pulled fairly fast, fished slowly, or almost fished static.  Similarly, buggy nymph and parachute post flies can be tied as well.

The Possum emerger can be tied a couple of ways, but the general pattern involves a possum fur tip tail, a possum fur dubbed body, a possum fur thorax, and a possum fur wing case/loop.  In most cases, you can make use of one clump of fur off the tail (between 1/8th and 1/4 inch thick) - use the tips as the tail; use the underbody as the body/thorax; and use what is left for the wing loop.  All you have to add is thread and maybe a rib of floss, spaniflex, or wire.  Patterns vary a little bit with respect to colours, but brown, black, and claret are very nice.  The general colour of possum is from light brown to black, and often one of those natural colours is best.  Claret fur is difficult to find (and subbing in seals fur can help there).

From the two patterns shown here, the variation sometimes comes from where you place the loop, whether it is over the front or the middle of the hook,  I have found that either position of the loop works, and only seems to make a difference in how the pattern sits in the water when not pulled.

The fly is so simple that I think is doesn't even need a materials list or instructions beyond what I have already rambled on about!
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Re: Possum Emerger
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2020, 08:37:23 PM »
Very cool Chris! You're right... That's a lot different than the possum on this side of the Pacific. Next level buggyness!  8)
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