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World Rivers Day
« on: June 01, 2012, 02:03:08 PM »
World Rivers Day, slated for September 30th, 2012.

Greetings River Advocates,

World Rivers Day is set for September 30th this year
(as always, falling on the last Sunday in September) and,
while the event is still several months away, it will be here
before we know it. Consequently, we're hoping that river
advocates from around the globe will start planning events
as part of this year's World Rivers Day celebration.

In British Columbia as an example, an array of events are
being planned ranging from stream cleanups and habitat
enhancement projects to community riverside celebrations
along with a major WRD promotional event and press conference
a few days prior. Across Europe, there will be Rivers Day 
awareness events unfolding on rivers such as the Danube,
Rhine, Seine, Rhone, and Douro led by the Uniworld cruise
line. There will be a major fisheries congress in China in
the days running up to WRD, and in Australia, WRD events
will unfold across the country thanks to the International
River Foundation and shortly thereafter, the International
River Symposium will take place in Melbourne. And the
list of global events will grow dramatically in the weeks and
months ahead.

Visit our Web site at:
to find out more about World Rivers Day, and please
let us know about your event plans. We can help your
promotions via our Web site, and with e-mails like this one.
Last year, river enthusiasts from around the world came
together for the seventh annual event. It was a great
success, with millions of people involved from
more than 60 countries.

World Rivers Day is based on the incredible success of
BC Rivers Day in British Columbia, Canada which
celebrates its 32nd anniversary this year - and a huge
celebration is planned there to commemorate that

Promoting River Stewardship
World Rivers Day is a celebration of the world's
waterways. It highlights the many values of rivers
and strives to increase public awareness and
hopefully encourage the improved stewardship of
rivers around the world. Rivers in every country
face an array of threats, and only our active
involvement will ensure their health in the years

Join the Celebration!
World Rivers Day organizers encourage all of you
to come out and participate. In particular, consider
starting a Rivers Day event of your own, which
might range from a stream cleanup to a community
riverside celebration. And if you create an event, be
sure to tell us about it! We'll keep you posted in
the months ahead as new Rivers Day activities are

International Partners
World Rivers Day is intended to compliment
the broader efforts of the United Nations
Water For Life Decade initiative and we look forward
to working closely with them in the months ahead to
promote this event and encourage new participants.
In launching World Rivers Day, we also greatly
appreciated the support of the United Nations
University and the International Network on Water,
Environment, and Health.
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