Author Topic: THE BEST of PATAGONIA!!  (Read 637 times)

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« on: July 25, 2012, 09:06:36 AM »
Argentina is a country that offers many venues for outdoor enthusiast including adventure, eco trips, hunting, fishing and touring. Rich in history and tradition with the gauchos alive and well in a landscape that’s as good as it gets.

Most of the fishing articles are about Tierra del Fuego with its big winds and sea run browns and recently the new emerging rainbow fishery called Jurassic Lake.
 I will focus on the best that Patagonia has to offer.
Bariloche / San Martin de los Andes, Esquel / Rio Pico and the ‘River of Monsters’.

Names like the Chimehuin, Alumine, Malleo, Collon Cura, Limay, Arroyo Pescado, Rivadavia, Lago Tres just for starters begin an endless list of possibilities.
Big rivers, small rivers, spring creeks, famous bocas, lagoons and still waters abound and offer the angler all the trout fishing one could do in a lifetime.

Bows on steroids chasing the floating minnows on the Calefu, big brook trout on the Corcovado and really bigggggg browns give the angler a shot at trip and lifetime fish!!

I really enjoy some camping experiences as well. Sitting by the camp fire with a sky glittering with stars, single malt in hand and recalling the day’s experiences is hard to beat.

has to offer.

Chip Drozenski