The majority of the teams will be renting cabins and camping at Tunkwa Lake Resort, while several of the other teams are staying at Logan Lake Lodge in the nearby town of Logan Lake. The Copper Valley Motel is another great option, as it's right in the town of Logan Lake as well. Both of the lodgings in Logan Lake have restaurants in their building - Tunkwa lake is a self-catering resort.

This is your chance to visit one of the most beautiful regions of British Columbia, Canada, and an opportunity to fish the world-class waters of Tunkwa Lake and Roche Lake, which are 2 of our province's most famous and popular fisheries (Tunkwa and Roche Lakes were used as 2 of the 5 venues for the 1993 World Fly Fishing Championship). There are several other absolutely incredible lakes and fishing opportunities within this region (Thompson River being one of them) that are well worth adding a few extra days onto the end of your trip...

Competitors are responsible for supplying their own boats for unofficial and official practice sessions.
Boats can be rented from Tunkwa Lake Resort:
Boats can be rented from Corbett Lake Resort:
Boats can be rented from 7 Half Diamond (Batstone Lake):
Boats can be rented from Roche Lake Resort:
Contact Todd Oishi for more information:
Copper Valley Motel (motel in the town of Logan Lake)
Logan Lake Lodge (motel in the Town of Logan Lake)
Tunkwa Lake Resort (cabins for rent)


The town of Logan Lake or Tunkwa Lake Resort should be your final destination on your GPS. Competitors will be staying at either of these two locations.

Here are some options for competitors that are traveling by air:
1) There is an airport in the city of Kamloops, which is less than an hour's drive from the town of Logan Lake. Rental cars can be hired at the airport (book ahead to be safe).
2) American guests may prefer to fly into Bellingham International Airport, and rent a vehicle to make the 3 hour drive to Logan Lake or Tunkwa Lake Resort. Seattle (SEATAC Airport) is a far less expensive option, but requires an additional 2 hours driving time.
3) International guests would be wise to fly to Vancouver International Airport and rent a vehicle for the 3 hour drive to Logan Lake or Tunkwa Lake Resort, or book a connecting flight to Kamloops Airport.
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